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March 20, 2006 | Closed, South Jakarta, Thai & Vietnam Cuisine

Last weekend We had lunch with my high school friend : Soi and her hubby at ANOI, a small yet cozy Vietnamese restaurant located at TIS square Tebet. Before we start eating, we ordered Khai Vi (appetizers) first :Goi Cuon (shrimp, chicken, and vermicelli with vegetables spring rolls served with anoi signature peanut sauce) 17.5K, Cha Gio (fried shrimp and chicken spring rolls served with sweet and sour fish sauce) 19.5K, Chao Tom (shrimp mousse on sugar cane served with sweet and sour fish sauce) 23.5K. For main course we ordered : Bun Bo Nuong (barbeque AUST beef served with vermicelli) 38.5K, Dac Biet – tai, nam, long bang, gan (house special combination pho – Vietnamese beef noodle soup with for cuts of beef, chuck eye roll, short plate tripe and tendon) 35.0K, Com Bo Xao Xa Ot (sauteed beef with lemon grass and chili served with rice) 32K. they also served Thai food, so we ordered : Kai Phad Krapau (minced chicken and basil leaves served with sticky rice) 27K.
In my personal opinion the food was not bad, good service. But i was quite disappointed they didn’t served : lemon grass ice tea 🙁 the appetizer portion were too small, but the portion of the pho was acceptable hehehe.. the bowl was so big 🙂

Vietnamese kitchen & bakery
TIS Square
Jl. MT. Haryono Kav. 8-9
South jakarta 12810
Ph. +62(21) 8295548
fax. +62(21) 8293932

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