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May 30, 2006 | Closed, International Cuisine

2 weeks ago we had dinner with some friends at “ChatterBox Cafe”. Its been a long2 time ago since I last visited this place (maharani bo!). But this time they have “dailycious” program which gave 20% off for BII card holder, so we decided to gave it a try.

When I was here before I usually choose their Hainanese Chicken Rice, but this time I saw there’s alot of new menu including some pasta selection, sandwich & Indian fried rice. so we ordered : “seafood with green noodle and cheese sauce” (served with prawn, dory fish and spinach noodle) 54.5K, “seafood clay pot” (served with rice) 46.5K, “kung po chicken” (served with rice and vegetable) 38K, “hainanese chicken rice” 34K, “chicken, prawn or fish curry” (served with rice, potato and curry sauce) 43K, “szechuan tau foo” (served with rice and vegetable) 30K, “es kacang” (shaved ice on red beans, jelly sweet corn and palm seeds flavored with rose syrup and durian ice cream) 19.5K & bottom less ice tea (free flow) 19K.

Overall the taste was not bad, better than I remembered. Good service & the price *sigh* yah OK lah but still a little bit “mahal” lah.. and I didn’t like the interior, its like sitting in a glass cage 😛

ChatterBox Cafe

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  • zink

    hi hi hi..kayak gladiator yah…dikerangkeng gitu..
    tinggel lepas macan aja..
    gw ga tega deh makan disitu klo byar sndiri.. ga tega ama dompet jenz.. 😀

  • Jenz

    hahahaha zink… inget pengalaman kita makan disini natal beberapa taon yang lalu?
    ini sih ngga kaya gladiator menurut gw.. tapi kaya set buat pilem *** 😛

  • noobface

    many thanks to whoever you are…it’s a really helpful website.. 4 me…hehehe…
    jadi ngilerrrrr

  • V

    Eh? Jadi gak ada lagi yg namanya Chatterbox? Padahal gue suka banget Hokkien Noodle mereka 🙁

  • jenz

    yang tutup yang di Mall Taman Anggrek ven, kayanya di plasa senayan masih ada.

  • sopjagung

    La piazza juga masih ada, tapi buat gue sih Chatterbox nggak ada istimewanya, mahal doang.

  • Ivonne

    I remember my first date with my ex in Chatterbox Plaza Indonesia. I ordered Ifu Mie and it was not what I expected. In fact I was dissapointed. It was pricey and it is still pricey now. I won’t be back to Chatterbox.

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