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January 30, 2007 | Cakes, Bread & Dessert, Closed


I know about this place from Cereth, she told me that she just have a very orgasmic ‘cheese cake’. So I went there on one weekend when I have a task to buy birthday cake for my friends. When we entered the building, my eyes quickly caught by a very tempting display of various type of cheesecake that was calling me to try them, so after we the cake (chocolate cheese cake 10*20 75K), we ordered double cizz tart “yang sangat gondrong” and blueberry cheese cake and just sat there forgetting that we have a dinner reservation two hours later. Surprisingly the cake wasn’t as sweet as I thought such a “gondrong” cheese cake should be 😛 it is so delicious, it was consist of 3 layer of soft cheese cake + creamcheese & covered with lots and lots of cheese (maybe thats why they called it double cheese), my friend’s blueberry cheese cake also not bad at all that she decided to went back to cizz the next day and bought the whole cake 20*20 (135K) 🙂 after that I ordered ‘truffle torte’ to take home (it was melted already when I arrived home that night but still tasted so delicious).

cheesecake & friends

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Jl. Laswi No. 1A
p/f. +62(22) 723 0969
Jl. Tebet Timur Dalam II No.14
ph. +62(21) 8313726
fx. +62(21) 837 95636

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  • venny

    hahahaha… awannya keren bener Jen, kesannya lo lagi termimpi2 sama kue2 ini, hahaha :))

  • jenz

    tadinya sih mo bikin bentuk keju.. tapi kesannya kok ntar bolong2… ya udah gw bikin awan2an aja :”>

  • Satya

    haha your graphics gets more groovy everyday. we love cizz!!

  • Reza

    I agree, I love the pics in this site. Pernah nyoba Cheesecake Factory ga Jen?I personally think they have the best cheesecake in town, Di tebet barat dalam raya. If you have, how does it compare? Jadi pingin nyobain juga nih Cizz, pernah lewat dan ngeliat yang di tebet timur, tapi selalu sepi, kalah pamor sama CF.

  • Wiena

    Would love to try the chocolate cheese cake… :p

  • jenz

    gw blom pernah nyobain yang cheesecake factory sih.. manis ngga? gw demen cizz ini karna ngga manis 😛

  • sopjagung

    IMO, choc cheese cake rasanya agak ajaib. Mendingan dipisah aja. Kalo mau cheese cake ya cheese cake doang, kalo mau choc cake ya choc cake doang, jangan dicampur2 supaya rasanya tetap jelas :))

  • Reza

    Hmm…gimana ya, manis sih, cheesecakenya sendiri ngak oversweet,I think it’s just right. The surrounding merengue (is that how you spell it? he3x) is sweet but adds that nice kick. Yummy banget deh. Wanna try? Drop by tebet, I’ll show you around. I live practically across the shop.I’d love to finally meet the infamous owner of this blog :D.Oh yeah, I think they also have pizza there now, haven’t tried it though.
    To sopjagung: I agree with you there. Not all great things taste better mixed.

  • jenz

    hahaha.. ok I’ll drop by if I have a chance. thx ya for sharing your experiences with me 🙂

  • inka

    Jen, that’s one of my favorite cheese cake shop. Yang lemon cheese cakenya juga enakkkkk. Compare ama cheese cake factory, IMO siiih beda-beda tipiss… Sama enaknya karena gak terlalu manis

  • raja iblis

    damn …
    I do really love cookies … donuts …
    but never miss cappuccino …

  • Netta

    Hi, my first time visiting ur site n loovvee it, it’s a great reference for anything hip on food n stuffs. I’ll be a loyal visitor 🙂
    Btw my mom always spare time to visit CF each time she happens to be around Tebet. She said it’s just cheesy it’s worth trying…


    Wah sepertinya enak tuh cookiesnya.. boleh juga menjadi salah satu referensi untuk beli cake yach…
    thanks jen..

  • Ch1nT@

    Damn… I love this cakes… Specially Blueberry CiZz… And by this oNe, i can meet my 1nSpir@TioN sOuLm@Te… ThanKs CiZz MisS U BaDLy… Muach…

  • erry

    oh, CIZZ buka cabang juga di jakarta yah.. keren2!
    di bandung udah lumayan ngetop nih. walo tokonya kecil, tapi ada aja yg beli. harganya juga murah bgt utk ukuran cheesecake, rata2 cuma Rp11.500. Paling mahal Rp13.500, aku lupa yg rasa apa.
    Favoritku sih Blueberry Cheesecake. Pernah nyoba yg Truffle Torte, tapi terlalu coklat, jadi rada eneg :p

  • Corry

    Makasih ya Jenz buat info2 dan rekomendasinya:)
    aku dah nyobain tuh cizz…dan lgs jatuh cinta sama truffle torte dan double cizznya…
    enggak terlalu mahal and sinfully delicious:)

  • Tjing2

    Tried some of the cheesecake in Bandung last weekend..In my tastebud the Coffee & Cream CK was on the 1st place (the coffee flavor was ok and strong enough to prevent the ‘eneg’ feeling not coming), 2nd was Bluberry CK and the last was Rhum Raisin CK..Specially for the last one, to us it’s a bit “weirdo” since its colour was sooo pinky!! Its looks ‘too cheerful” mayb ;p and the rhum wasn’t strong enough to be stated as Rhum Raisin flavor..well, mayb others will have different opinion but its just mine..hehehe…Mayb i’ll try CIZZ in Tebet, different place different taste perhaps…???

  • lucy

    Hai Jen, berhubung gue baca tulisan loe ttg Cizz gue langsung cabut ke tebet and membeli 3 whole cake 30×30 buat birthday suami gue, gue pesen double cheese, coklat cheese, blueberry cheese,and minta mereka antar ke DuetscheBank dengan biaya hanya 15ribu saja, gue terkesan berat dengan double cheesenya jen enak banget, and gue rasa dibanding chesecake factory Cizz lebih ok…and u know jen suami gue diprotes karena kurang hahahaha

  • rich girl

    Jen, udah pernah cobain the harvest cakes blom? enakan mana sama Cizz?

  • anto

    Just to share, Tebet branch has been moved to Serpong area due to stiff competition in Tebet. I don’t know the exact area but I can get it from the owner

  • yee

    @anto: can you get the info please, i’m so craving for their cheesecake, thanks

  • anto

    I’ve just chat with the management of Cizz and he told me that they are now located at:
    Ruko Golden Madrid 2
    Blok F no.7
    Jl. Letnan Sutopo
    Serpong, Tangerang
    Ph. 53164782
    He said that it is near Pasar Modern Serpong.

  • yee

    @anto: thanks for the info 🙂

  • mamatozz

    bisa pesan antar koq maksimal sampai kebon jeruk. pesanan minimal 1 loyang or seharga itu. baru aja call ke sana.

  • cizz_moi

    Hi Jen and all,

    Just to share, we have managed to bring Cizz back to jakarta 🙂 since mid this year. We just opened one at Food Connection, Mall of Indonesia Kelapa Gading. Go to lobby 7, up one level and you can see us smiling underneath the bright yellow signage there 😀

    Approaching our 3rd wk here ^^ we are still serving with only 10 kinds of the cheesecake.. but with demands for others (like the yummy double cheese u described *drool – i havent even tasted that one!) we’ll keep that in mind to bring those flavors in the coming months.

    The original blueberry cheesecake is available, my favorite choc truffle is also there, and its worth to try the baked brownie cheesecake, …oreo, …tiramisu, and the list goes on.

    We do free delivery for KG area for a min of 50k purchase one time daily (021-50150900) and certain cost will apply for surrounding areas. Large cake orders (10×20, round 22cm) for birthdays or gathering should be made 2-3 days prior to delivery. Well enough of me talking, I’ll see you guys there!

    Follow @cizz_moi for our news and promotions

    neverending delicious bites…

    *kinda hav to close with that as it is our new tagline 😀

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