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December 27, 2006 | Chinese Cuisine, Closed, Dimsum

This place was one of my favorite place in town whenever I want good food, good service, spectacular view in an affordable price. I used to visit this place in 2003/4 with friends (well actually I dragged them there for dimsum, lunch or dinner 😛 ). their “tahu nenek moyang” (75K) was so delicious but that that was was a bit pricey. 2 weeks ago when we went there for dimsum (they offer 30% discount on food & beverages from 4-17 Dec) and ended up ordered all sort of dimsum & dessert. 🙂


Asian Bistro & Lounge

Level 46 Wisma 46 | Kota BNI
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 1
Jakarta 10220 – Indonesia

Ph. (021) 2512822
Fax. (021) 2512833

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  • reza

    What’s this tahu nenek moyang thing? Ain’t it a bit pricey for tofu?What and how much are the must have dimsums J?Might try it out soon but only with a limited budget, so i wanna get my money’s worth hope you can shed sone light on things. Thanks Jen. And oh yeah Happy New Year!!!!!!

  • Jenz

    “Tahu nenek moyang” is one of their signature dish,yes its quite pricey but worth to try. overall the dimsum were delicious, and it cost us only about 50K per person after 30% discount. btw fyi, not all the meal here ‘halal’.

  • Benny

    Jenz…. buset dah… rajin amat sih lu bikin layout gambar kayak gini…..

  • Reza

    Oh ok,thanks for the info. 50 per person doesn’t sound too much. 30%? Sounds like a niaga mini card deal, is it?

  • jenz

    no, it was their 2nd anniversary CMIWW, so they gave out 30% discount.

  • Alien

    Jenz,compared to Imperial Treasure (prev Crystal Jade) in the same building, which one is better in taste? My fam loves the food there especially they are all “HALAL”. Haven’t try Cilantro yet. Tks for your review anyway.

  • Jenz

    I think both of them have their own speciality, but for me, I think I still prefer Cilantro coz its reasonable price, good food & good view

  • Yansen

    Jenz, what a very nice blog you have here !! since you like to try a lot of different food from different resto, FYI American Express together with Indonesian Taller Magazine will have a Dining Indulgences Program 2007, started on early March 07.
    We will print a guideline book that contains name, address, price, dress code, map and review for each resto.
    If you or other friends here interesting to get this book, you can buy it at some book stores in Jakarta and Bali, but for Jenz I will give it for free. But I will need to have some favour from you in the future to make some review in your blog here : )
    Please send me your address to my email, once the book printed, I will send to you by courier.

  • sopjagung

    @ Alien: kalo loe pengen cobain Cilantro sih jangan lupa ya, menu dia ada yang gak halal 😀

  • agustina

    I love my quality dim-sum time with my family here. But last month, we just found out that it’s now closed. could anyone tell me where they’ve moved? I’d truly appreciate the info. Thanks!

  • h3l

    cilantro dah tutup! pls update!

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