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August 18, 2009 | Closed, Japanese & Korean Cuisine

About 2 months ago, we went to a Korean restaurant called the Ginseng Garden at FX lifestyle mall. As the name suggests, several dishes with ginseng ingredient are prominently displayed in their menu. When we entered, we realized that we were their only customer. I wondered whether potential patrons were put off by the mere mention of ginseng. So we ordered Sam Gye Tang (ginseng chicken soup) 107K, as I love dishes that use ginseng/herbal medicine, and dolsot bimbimbap 50K. They don’t have much ban chan to offer, only 4 small plates of kimchi, pickles, and sweet pumpkin puree which tasted good. The ginseng chicken soup was big enough for 3-4 people to share since the chicken is stuffed with ginseng and glutinuous rice. It was very fullfiling and healthy, and also delicious, I love the warm and fragrant soup and tender chicken. Their dolsot bimbimbap was also great. 🙂
Ginseng Garden

Ginseng Garden
Life Style X’nter 5 floor
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Pintu 1 Senayan
ph. +62(21) 2555 4235

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One thought

  • Elisa

    pantesan enak tyt harganya mahal ya sam gye tang itu, gua makan di Han gang gak ada rasa ginseng sama sekali, tp jauh lebih murah. Malah nyokap marah2 kok ada nasi masuk ke sana, katanya jgn2 sup sisa hehehe

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