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May 13, 2005 | Central jakarta, Closed, Manado

Yesterday we had lunch at Benhil Foodcourt, I urged my friends to go here since I was hoping we can eat Manado Style fish soup here. The foodcourt interior itself wasn’t very nice, but who cares 😛 as long as I can have a delicious meal here hehehe… Actually the foodcourt serves very much variation from nasi liwet to seafood etc.
After seated, we ordered “Kerapu Kuah Asam” (Manado Style Sour Soup) from “Bobara : ikan panggang rica khas Manado”, a plate of “Tahu Sumedang”, and Es Kelapa Muda. The soup tasted very fresh, because it cooked after we ordered, and with a very reasonable price too 🙂

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  • wawabear

    jen, Benhill food court itu dimana yah? Bukan di Jakarta yah?

  • Jenz

    di Jakarta kok, di daerah Bendungan Hilir, lokasinya kalo dari arah sudirman sebelum rumah sakit Mintohardjo. tempatnya sih jelek & panas.. tapi makanannya OK..

  • wawabear

    oic..thanks for the info Jenz 🙂

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