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November 23, 2005 | Betawi Cuisine, Closed, INDONESIAN CUISINE

Last Monday before the movie, we starts to look for something to feed the dragons in my stomach 🙂 So we stopped by ” Nasi Uduk Ummat Babe Salam” and ordered Soto Betawi (15.5K), Paket Babe Salam 3 which include soto daging/babat + perkedel (15,5K), Paket Babe Salam 4 (Nasi Uduk + Ayam Bakar) 15K, and for desert we ordered something sweet “Pisang Tape Gencet”(7.5K).

In my opinion the food itself was not very special, I would prefer to have this kind of food at Amigos (Agak MInggir Got Sedikit) 😛 it’ll tasted better I guess hehehehe… but the desert (pisang tape gencet) was delicious… 🙂

Nasi Uduk Babe Salam

Nasi Uduk Ummat
Babe Salam

Sarinah Building
Jl. Thamrin – Jakarta

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One thought

  • anon

    soto betawinya keliatannya hauce!
    dimana yak tempat soto betawi yg uenak?

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