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October 25, 2005 | Cakes, Bread & Dessert, Closed, West Jakarta

One of the new opened cafes at Mall Taman Anggrek, served various of chocolates: pralines, fondue, cake & pastries, hot chocolates and iced chocolates.
Classique : iced chocolates – the sweet bitterness of the dark chocolate contrasts the chocolate & vanilla ice cream

Midnight: hot chocolate – dark & mysterious, made from Dark Caraibe chocolates with its distinctive aftertaste

Reed Chocolate Culture
Mal Taman Anggrek
1st floor #179-180
Jl.Letjen S Parman no.21
Jakarta 11470

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  • ching

    gosh… look very temptating
    have u tried it jenz ?

  • Jenz

    udah zink….. lumayan… lumayan enak en lumayan mahal hehehehe

  • Elisa sutanudjaja

    Did u know that reed totally copied Max Brenner’s concept ? They even copied the tagline : chocolate culture, the mugs and dishes.
    but i like the tiffany box 🙂
    I was so ashamed at the first time, but at least we can enjoy the same choco dessert at Max brenner (Sydney, melb, tel aviv, singapore and US).

  • Franciscus

    Yeah..copied or not, they have thier own specialities and tastes. Not exactly the same copied the mug n dishes, can’t you see the different? One use stainless cup and the other don’t, and I think the shape is different. But Max have more plenty of option.
    How about Coffee Bean and Starbuck? Who copied whom?
    PS. The pralines are good but damn expensive, hot chocolate is ok, i like it. Don’t like the blends.

  • Elisa Sutanudjaja

    Coffee beans = 1963, California, that’s why they put Est. 1963, because they are older than:
    Starbucks = 1971, Seattle …
    I heard the gossip that the chef is used to work for Max Brenner ..
    At least we should thanks reed, since Max Brenner said that he will not open his choco bar in Jakarta.
    (sighh …)
    But at least I like the box they copied from Tiffany box.
    enuff then.. just my two cents

  • iin

    how’s the taste??
    it looks good… give me some plizzz…
    and btw, where is this place exactly?
    waiting for response =)

  • Jenz

    the taste? not bad but quite expensive.
    located at Mall Taman Anggrek – Jakarta

  • ndy

    try their chocolate praline!
    they taste very yummy, like 5 star hotel, but cheaper!

  • Franciscus

    Hmm… The Hilton Pralines also nice… just try it, worth to try… yummyyyyyy

  • Beavers

    Udah pada coba Death By Chocolate di PIM2? bener2 bikin kita Death…., coklatnya bikin kering tenggorokan dan mahalllllllllll banget………………………..(atau gw yang lagi mau sakit yah)?

  • yeti

    hello 🙂 I’m looking for more information about Reed Chocolate and could not find it anywhere. maybe you know where their other cafes are located? if their company have an Indonesian name and who owns/runs it? and wheter they offer franchise opportunities?

  • Jenz

    Hi Yeti, other than the address I posted above, I really don’t know who owns Reeds or whether the had any franchise opportunity.

  • Yeti

    OK Thanks Jenz 🙂

  • indra

    can i order the valentine’s promo by internet or phone? And where can i find the menus and prize list except from the cafe itself in TA..?
    I really don’t have the time to go there directly… Reply before val dayz please… =)

  • Jenz

    Hi Indra,
    I don’t know if they provide online shopping / by phone. Please call +62 21 56999515 or check

  • Franciscus

    BTW…sekarang tiap jumat malem ada live musicnya tuh…lumayan biar gak stress hahaha…..
    Dan lumayan banyak menu barunya untuk desert n sandwich…gw mau beli pralinesnya aja sekarang udah agak2 mabok, kebanyakan namanya……

  • Reed

    We invite you to try our new improve cakes and side menus. We already launch new cakes with affordable prices.
    Come and join the crowd. And get 15% Off from BCA Sidecard, and join MTA Passport promotion buy 1 get 1 free for certain condition.
    Chocolate lovers, we’re waiting for you and your feed back commant.

  • Dee

    uughh jadi expensive Jen?…

  • sopjagung

    Minumannya level Starbucks lah, antara dua puluh sampe tiga puluh ribuan. Kalo praline dan kue2nya nggak inget 😀

  • Grant

    Hi, Went to Reed last week and was quite impressed. Do you have any more photos of it I want to post on my WAWN travel site. oh and Menu?

  • Reed Chocolate Culture

    We invite you to come and join us.
    Download and Print our Buy One Get One Free voucher, valid on weekdays.
    Thank’s Jenz.

  • Tonny

    hmm.. last night is the first time i went to the reed, and my conclusion is cozy and the chocolate is god damn delicious, not so sweet and for who like dark chocolate, it is the place you must visit.
    And, anybody know a waiter call Gina there??

  • Tjing2

    I notice, this place was close for good…Anybody know where they move?

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