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January 28, 2008 | Closed, International Cuisine, Italian Cuisine, JAKARTA, South Jakarta, Western Cuisine

Two weeks ago, we visited Spaghetti House at the Pacific Place Mall. I used to love their lasagna deluxe that I’ve once ate years ago and it has been so long since I last tried it. So this time, I ordered their lasagna deluxe 42K with mushroom soup 15K. I don’t know whether I put too much expectation on the meal or I was just being nyinyir, but I was quite dissapointed when the meal came and it was not as good as I rememberred it. The mushroom soup tasted more like instant soup, while their lasagna was not good either. It was gooey, not as creamy as I remembered and I think the chicken they used was not fresh because it tasted weird. I noticed that the price was still similar to a few years ago, so maybe they reduced the food quality to maintain that price. 🙁

lasagna deluxe

Spagetti House
Pacific Place Lt. 5-57
ph. +62(21) 57973057
fx. +62(21) 57973058

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  • Venny

    You? Nyinyir? Never! 😀 😀
    Keliatannya sih emang kurang seru Jen. Masa lasagna banjir krim di samping2 itu?

  • lemonlime

    I tried their Spaghetti Carbonara and it tasted very good. Also tried their salmon pizza and brocolli soups. Overall, worth coming back. Well, maybe you just picked the wrong menu. Do try their Spaghetti Carbonara =)

  • flona

    pacific place boww…rentalnye ajeh mahal, makanye musti hemad neng hihihihi

  • Nina

    I personally don’t really like the quality of food in spaghetti house. If this one disappoints you, you should see what I ordered, a Vegetarian Lasagna, it was literary watery.

  • andi

    Last time I visit Pacific PLace, spaghetti house was closed for good. quite a number of restaurant has close in pacific place: ti amo, hot shots burger.

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