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April 9, 2007 | Closed, Italian Cuisine

Last week we have dinner at a small yet cozy pizza house called Spizza located at Kemang. Apparently it is pizza franchise from Singapore, but since they use a traditional pizza oven, I think this one worth a try. The list of menu was quite impressive, consist of appetizer (10 items named after the emperor of rome), soup, pasta (9 dish name after cities of italy), pizza (26 choices named after Italian woman) and maincourse (6 choices name after the regions) and dessert (7 choices named after the famous female opera character). After studied the menu for a while we start to order : for appetizer we choose : “Lucullo” (oven baked portobello mushroom filled with beef breakfast ham and mozzarella cheese) 33K, from the pizza list we picked : “Laura” (mozzarella, tallegio, fontina, gorgonzola, parsley) Medium 53K, and for dessert we have “venere” (melted chocolate cake with classic vanilla ice cream) 28K. Because we spent more than 100K we can choose 1 more meal (pasta/pizza) for free, so we picked “capri” (traditional beef lasagna) 43K. Overall the meal was delicious and quite affordable, not as delicious as marzano, but 1 level above izzy pizza, so if you like thin crust pizza, this one is definitely a must try 🙂

Jl. Kemang Raya No.14B
South Jakarta 12730
ph. +62(21) 7182573

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  • Reza

    Thanks for adding that last bit about Marzano being better than Spizza. He3x.. that was the first thing on my mind when i started reading :D. The lasagna in marzano is also really good. Might give this place a try though, just to try the ambiance and a taste of that vast menu you mentioned.

  • Jenz

    Temen gw pernah bilang kalo salmon pizza disini lebih enak daripada yang di marzano. tapi gw blom sempet nyobain.

  • Steve

    Jen, you should try Trattoria in Pondok Indah.

  • lir4

    tratoria open one in Ex.. ^^

  • REza

    Tried spizza last week, had 2 pizzas. One with the cabe rawit, and the other was the chicken pesto. They were both ok, the cabe rawit olive oil added a nice touch to the mix. Unfortunately, the pesto chicken didn’t seem too fresh, don’t get me wrong, it was delicious but it had a noticeble scent that spoke of its unfreshness he3x. One thing for sure the, cheese on the pizza is so yummyyy, silky and smooth. Next time, i’ll just have the pizza with 4 cheese. Overall, it was ok, pizza with good mozarella. If you want a great pizza with all the works, go to marzano, if you want thin pizza with deliciously soft mozarella, try spizza.

  • dian hadinoto

    Too bad, this place closed down already.. 🙁 I passed Kemang last week and the building where Spizza is at is being renovated (?) I wonder if the closed down totally or perhaps they moved to another location?

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