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July 24, 2007 | Bandung, International Cuisine, Western Cuisine

We had lunch here several weeks ago, at first I want to have “nasi gule” at Unpar’s cafeteria, but turned out the stall didn’t open that day, so we went up to Bumi Sangkuriang instead. This place is one of my favorite place in Bandung. On my schools day, we used to swim here in the morning or afternoon, and after that we always snacked on : bitter ballen / chicken wings and pinacolada juice. This time we prefer to have our lunch in the indoor restaurant (not at the poolside).

We ordered : Bitter Ballen 12.5K, pumpkin soup (with julienne some beef) 12.5K, for main course we choose kakap steak with herb butter and french fries 29K and for dessert we had : warm chocolate cake with grand marnierre sauce 15.5K and off course pinacolada juice 9K. Overall the meal was delicious just like old times, quite affordable despite their price are subjected to 21% tax and service. 🙂

Resto & Cafe Concordia
Bumi Sangkuriang

Jalan Kiputih No. 12
ph. +62(22) 203-2661

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  • venny

    Tempatnya classy sekali Jenz! Gue suka sinar yg masuk dari lubang angin (?) kotak2, langit2 yg miring, taplak meja putih, lantai tuwir. aeeeh 😡 😡

  • Jenz

    iya ven, sisi seblah kiri itu jendela kaca yang terbuka semua.. ngadep ke kolam renang. Kayanya ini habis renov deh.. dulu sih gw makan disini suasananya masih jadul bgt.
    kayanya ni tempat disiapin bisa dipesan buat dinner party, kalo mo poolside party juga bisa. 🙂

  • Edwin

    hi jenz
    sejak ganti management BS emang lebih enak dan lebih bagus tempatnya. ada hotspot lagi sekarang. emang sering dipake buat wedding atau birthday party.

  • Rani

    standar bgt pesen biterballen dan pinacolada, gue juga selalu pesen itu waktu kecil, dan skrg juga! i love BS!

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