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February 14, 2013 | Events, INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, South Jakarta

Last week, several food bloggers and travel bloggers received an invitation to an event called Cooking Experience with Bara Pattirajawane. As an avid fan of BaraSuperCook‘s Gula-Gula show, this is something that I don’t want to miss. The event was held at Jakarta Culinary Center at Rukan Patal Senayan. The theme was #aslicabeijo to promote Indomie’s latest product: Indomie Cabe Ijo. Have you tried it yet?


So, we’re escorted to the class room where the cooking class will take place. I was teamed with Barry Kusuma a travel writer and photographer. We started with Chef Bara demonstrating how to cooked fried fish with green chili coconut milk sauce and dabu-dabu. After that we’re given an hour time frame to cook our meal. All the ingredients and recipe were already on the table, complete with slice board and blender.




So Barry and I worked together, he’s frying the fish while I prepared the sauces. The atmosphere in the class was quite intense and hot (both figuratively and literally) as everyone was trying their best to cook the dish and finish on time. We managed to finish it and named it “Ikan Lado Dabu” as the sauce reminded me a bit of Padangnese Lado Mudo sauce, and it was paired with Dabu-Dabu from Manado to add an extra spicy kick. Although we didn’t win the competition, we’re very proud of what we cooked that day.


Overall, it was a wonderful experience. I like going to hands on cooking class and learning something new right at my cooking station. We ended the event with lunch provided by Jakarta Culinary Center. Thank you @IndomieLovers and Shasha Sigit from Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Jakarta for a lovely event.

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