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August 25, 2008 | French Cuisine, International Cuisine, JAKARTA, South Jakarta, Western Cuisine

Last month, we visited Coquelicot again for lunch and this time, they were open. The place is designed as a fancy French cafe, with fancy candelier, fancy table lamp and cozy chair. I like the design of this place. Even their menu is fancy too. 🙂 While waiting for my friend to arrive, I feel quite hungry, so I start ordering their soupe a l’oignon au fromage (baked creamy caramelized onion soup served with baquete in cheese toppings) 40K. In my opinion the soup tasted very average. The onion was almost non-existent and the soup has the texture & taste of canned soup. I think it was not prepared from scratch.

After that we ordered escargot ala bourguignon (half a dozen french snails cooked in oven with buttery coquelicot dressing) 50K, poulet a l’ail (deep roast chicken cooked with garlic and special coquelicot herbs served with potato gratin) 75K, salmon grill au beurre blanc (grilled salmon fillet with white wine sauce accompany with ratatouille) 60K, gratin dauphinois (traditional baked potatoes with cream, smoked beef and cheese) 20K. The escargot was ok, although I think that the one at Boka Buka taste better. The chicken and salmon dishes were delicious. I especially like the ratatouille that accompanied the salmon. The potato gratin was also good. After lunch, we ordered several mini pastries from the pastry corner. The taste was delicious although there were not much choices available. Btw, I found Chica’s delicious cookies on their dessert counter. 🙂

jl. puri mutiara raya no.3b, jeruk purut,
South Jakarta
Ph. +62(21) 766-3216

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  • Daniel Prawira

    Looks interesting deh jenz…
    worth it ga menurut lo jenz?
    Minta patokan jalannya duonk jenz… g pgn nyoba neh..

  • sopjagung

    Hi Daniel, kalo loe dah tau jalan ke Boka Buka sih, ke Coquelicot gampang kok. Begitu keluar Boka Buka, loe tinggal lurus aja ke perempatan Cipete Raya – Pangeran Antasari. Ketemu lampu merah, lurus lagi ke arah Puri Mutiara/Benda. Nggak sampe 100 meter dah ketemu kok Coquelicot di sebelah kiri jalan. Soal rasa… kayanya menang Boka Buka deh.

  • Sandra Djohan

    Dear all,
    thank you untuk reviewnya, buat kami review yg jujur adalah kesempatan kami untuk dapat berkembang dan membangun. tanpa review kita tdk dapat mengkoreksi diri. again akan diperbaiki kekurangan kami. dan mudah mudah akan lebih baik.

  • radian_rahmananta

    thank’s for the input.. we’ll try to be better next time guys!!
    merci infiniment

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