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January 5, 2009 | Chinese Cuisine, International Cuisine, JAKARTA, North Jakarta, South Jakarta

Last month, after office hours, we visited Cosi, a restaurant located inside FX lifestyle Xnter. We’ve been to Cosi several times at their Pluit branch and in my memory it was not bad. We asked for a non-smoking area, and unsurprisingly, were ushered to a table outside near the escalator. Although designated as non-smoking, the location still smelled, probably caused by smoke coming from inside the restaurant or the chain smokers sitting on Segafredo’s second floor. Cosi calls itself a Hongkong and Macau cafe, serving Macau snack, Hongkong BBQ, Macau Curry, Portuguese styled baked rice, Hong Kong street food, Designer Congee, La Mian and Macaroni, Sandwich & Bun, thick toast and Western hot plate.

We decided to order a Designer Congee for SC (plain congee mixed with other ingredients with extra charge for each ingredient). He chose century egg 10K which tasted quite good. I chose one of their signature dishes, Baked rice with seafood and mushroom 38K. However, when it came, I found out that the dish tasted too milky for my taste. Luckily, my friend M decided to have my meal. We also ordered their Bamboo bucket steamed rice with spicy chili prawn on top 58K, which taste just average and without any spicy taste at all. Next, I ordered fried rice with crab meat, egg white and minced ginger 36K. I thought that this one will be easy enough to taste good. Wrong! The dish tasted so bland that I had to ask for chopped bird’s eyes chili that I can mix with soy sauce, salt and pepper into my fried rice. Overall, I think this place is not worth a visit 🙁

Cosi Culinary Concept
Jl. Pluit Putra Raya No.15A North Jakarta 14450 Indonesia ph. +62(21) 6691166, fx. +62(21) 588 1490
Pacific Place Mall unit #4-50. Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav 52-53 South Jakarta 12190 Indonesia ph. +62(21) 5797 3556, fx. +62(21) 5797 3561
Plaza Lifestyle FX Unit F2 #01, T01 OT01 Jl. Jend. Sudirman – Pintu Satu Senayan Jakarta 10270 Indonesia ph. +62(21) 2555 4050, fx. +62(21) 2555 4000

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  • Ferdi

    Hi Zen.
    saya notice photo2nya yg kamu upload jelas dan resolusinya bagus ..
    boleh tau (tips) minimal mega pixel dan optical zoom supaya bagus hasilnya..? apakah kamu pake HP atau digi-cam ?

  • V

    Itu foto yg kiri atas foto apa Jen? Milky baked rice kah?

  • Jenz

    @Ferdi: foto diatas diambil pake canon dslr lensa 50mm.
    @V, yang kiri atas itu buburnya sopi. yang milky baked rice itu yang tengah bawah, seharusnya mah lebih berasa kejunya daripada susunya.

  • Ferdi

    Thanks Jenz.
    Keep up a good work.
    Great job.

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