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September 22, 2008 | Chinese Cuisine, Closed, JAKARTA, North Jakarta

We had family dinner last month at Cuisine Cuisine, a Chinese restaurant on the second floor of Pluit Junction. Apparently this restaurant is under the same management with Red Saphire. I’m not the one ordering, so this is pretty much what I remembered what we had. We had steamed fish, fish maw soup, sapo tofu, assorted pork, stir fried po chai with egg, century egg & salted duck egg, steamed prawn, and another type of sapo I don’t remember the name. Overall all the meal were delicious, good services, although the price was quite pricey.

Cuisine Cuisine

Cuisine Cuisine
Kitchen – Dim Sum – Bar

Unit 109 – 112, I/F Pluit Junction
1 Pluit Raya Street
North Jakarta
ph/fx. +62(21) 66607330

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  • SeorangPrempuan

    1 manajemen kok ama Red Saphire (PJ), Red Shark (Setiabudi Building), Menu 1 (PJ). Sebentar lg akan dtg Japanese Resto jg di PJ dr manajemen yang sama, d tunggu ya 🙂

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