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November 17, 2006 | Chinese Cuisine, Closed

We tried this restaurant several weeks ago after we tried Nan Xiang, this restaurant served mostly dumpling, we noticed that there’s a new menu available which is : xiao long bao with crab filling 40K and with pork filling 30K. we decided to ordered the second one along with 1 portion of coriander pork dumpling (5pcs) 10K and “chicken-fish-shrimp” 3 in 1 dumpling 12.5K (5pcs). to tell the truth, compared with other’s places xiao long bao, their’s tasted so so, although I have to admit it came in a generous portion (10 pieces for only 30K). Other than that their dumpling was still delicious, didn’t really like the skin texture though. Other than various type of dumpling, they also served Shanghai stir-fry, several type of cold dishes, vegetarian selection, Shanghai hot pot, La mian, soups and dessert. I have tried some in the past and all of it were delicious 🙂

daniang dumpling

Da Niang Dumpling
Taman Anggrek Mall lt. II
West Jakarta
ph. 56998426

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One thought

  • christian

    DO feast on the dumplings, comparable to the “real thing”, those authentic dumplings that I have always enjoyed feasting during my time in Beijing!
    Do give the chili chicken a miss, though, its tastes is nothing like the original and authentic “La Zhi Ji” (Chilli chicken).
    Overall, good price, nice food. Definitely go here if you are a dumpling fan. They have vegetarian dishes also!

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