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February 11, 2005 | Chinese Cuisine, JAKARTA, Noodle, West Jakarta, With Pork

Yesterday we went to MTA after 2 days stuck at home alone doing nothing except eating & sleeping 😛 At first we want to watch movie but there is no good movies available.. so we walk around the mall.. eye washing 😛 after that we headed to “Da Niang Dumpling” for dinner. Surprisingly the restaurant was very crowded, but we got a place near the glass wall showing the chef was working making noodle. That night I ordered Tau Cha Chiang La Mian (clear soup noodle with mince pork), the soup taste quite delicious. My friend ordered a plate of hot & spicy Suikiau, but I forgot to take a picture.. well GONG XI FA CAI, HONG BAO NA LAI :))

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  • tetangga

    testing comment

  • Kath

    sudah tutup ini, ganti Eaton.

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