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November 19, 2015 | Chicken/Beef/Mutton, INDONESIAN CUISINE, JAKARTA, South Jakarta

Last weekend SC & I spent an afternoon at a newly-opened tea house in South Jakarta. While drinking tea, we’re thinking about where we should go for dinner and I remembered a place I wanted to try in Melawai area, called Dapur Mamih Sate Ku. SC agreed and we decided to have an early dinner there.


Dapur Mamih Sate Ku is located in Melawai XIII, right next to another popular eatery called Ayam Goreng Berkah Rachmat. The interior is quite simple, with smoking and non-smoking areas kept separate although the door is never fully closed. At the front of the place you can see the staff busily grilling the satay.


As the name suggested, the main menu of Dapur Mamih Sate Ku revolves around lamb satay. There are sateku domba celup polos/lemak, sateku domba sineureut, sateku tegal domba polos/lemak, gulai/soup/tongseng domba and they even have nasi goreng domba. I decided to order sateku domba sineureut that I once ate at Warung Seratus Hari at Urban Kitchen (read the review HERE) but it was already sold out. Sineureut is basically the “tenderloin” part of the lamb, so the availability is very limited. Since the Sineureut was sold out, I chose to order sateku tegal domba lemak 68K with lontong 5K.


Our satay arrived still sizzling on a hot plate. I asked about the difference between sate domba celup and sate domba tegal. The waiter explained that sate domba celup used a sweet soy sauce in the grilling while sate domba tegal was using a salty broth. I like minimalist satay like this as it brings out the full meat flavor without the overpowering taste of marinating sauce. And I was definitely not disappointed. The lamb meat was indeed very juicy and flavorful, even the fat cube tasted so good. The satay was accompanied with a plate of chilli and pickles. SC like to eat his satay as it is without any sauce, but I like to pour some sweet soy sauce to the chilli plate and add a dash of lime. It was a perfect combination with the satay. Yes, it was pricey, but I think it was worth a try.


As I’m writing this review, I’m already planning to return as I still want to eat sateku domba sineureut, plus I heard that their nasi goreng domba also tasted great.

Dapur Mamih Sate Ku
Jl. Melawai XIII No. 1
South Jakarta
Phone +62(21) 29126556

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