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February 17, 2011 | Closed, Indian Cuisine, Medan, Rice

For lunch, I wanted to try a Peranakan style restaurant called M&R Restaurant, but unfortunately when we arrived at the location, the place was closed. So we browsed around the street and saw a place called De Deli Darbar just across the street. They serve Indian, Pakistani, Arabic & Indonesian dishes. Since the area was called Kampung Madras, I decided to try it. The restaurant was quite empty since it was well over lunch hour. We scanned the menu and ordered saffron rice with bhindy do pyaza (stir fried ocra with onion). In my opinion, the rice was just mediocre, while I’m not really sure about the bhindy. It was spicy alright, but it was obviously overcooked. So far, I still prefer Cahaya Baru for Indian restaurant in Medan.

saffron rice with bhindy do pyaza - De Deli Darbar

De Deli Darbar
Jl. Taruma No. 88
Ph: +62 (61) 415-6858

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  • leo

    Jen, kampung keling is a bit sensitive now to be used, Kampung Madras is what we’re saying now 🙂

  • admin

    owww… sorry, fixed it

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