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January 31, 2010 | Chinese Cuisine, Dimsum, JAKARTA, Noodle, West Jakarta

Two months ago, as we were passing Mangga Besar street while looking for a place to eat, I spotted a place bearing a small sign “Depot 369, Shanghai Dumpling & Noodle”. It got us interested and we decided to give it a try. The restaurant’s interior and ambiance look quite promising, except for the fact that there’s no non-smoking section. We ordered a bowl of Mie Kou Rou (noodles topped with soy braised pork meat) 29K. It was delicious. The next time, we went to their branch near Kedoya’s Food Hall with a friend and I ordered their Mie Sop Shanghai (Shanghai noodle soup) 40K. It was disappointingly bland, but SC offered to swap my order with his Song Mie (Song noodle) 24K, which tasted much better. I have a feeling that the Mangga Besar branch offered better tasting noodle, so we went back there again a couple of days ago and ordered the classic wonton noodle 21K and Martabak Tiongkok 15K. The wonton noodle was good, but not as good as the Mie Kou Rou. I found the Martabak Tiongkok to be a bit bland, but SC loved it because the spice was not too overpowering. 🙂
Depot 369

Depot 369
Shanghai Dumpling & Noodle

Jl. Mangga Besar Raya 57 A
West Jakarta
ph. +_62(21) 6594613

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  • duniabiru

    one of the nicest noodle …
    especially the shanghai soup noodle.. yummy ..
    just lil bit pricey for its genre

  • Janet

    Definitely try the Shanghai Soup, without the noodle, it’ll give you this wonderful warm feeling 🙂

  • Julius

    Definitely should try their Xiao Long Bao, probably the best and the most perfect Xiao Long Bao ever in Jakarta.

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