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September 3, 2009 | Chinese Cuisine, CUISINE, JAKARTA, Vegetarian, West Jakarta

2 weeks ago, we had lunch at a vegetarian restaurant called Dharma Kitchen. The first floor is occupied by a vegetarian bakery & cafe, while the second floor is for the restaurant. We chose to sit at the cafe. There are two seating areas, the tatami area and tables area. The waitress gave us two sets of menu, one from the cafe & one from the restaurant. After studying the menu, we ordered tahu gulung special (regular) 38K and tahu jamur special 48K to go with nasi hainam polos 6K and ice tea (refill) 4K. The Hainamnese rice & ice tea were served 5 minutes after we ordered, but the other dishes and white rice took almost 25 minutes to appear. The tahu jamur special is tofu topped with green vegetables and mushroom with brown sauce. The taste was barely acceptable and the tofu have a strong soybean-ish smell (bau langu). On the other hand, the tahu gulung special is quite good. It didn’t have that soybean smell, probably because it’s deep fried. As for the Hainamnese chicken rice, I think they put too much sesame oil in it. Overall, I think vegetarian restaurant doesn’t suit my taste 😛
Dharma Kitchen

Dharma Kitchen
Vegetarian Resto & Cafe

Jl. Pluit Kencana Raya 106-110
North Jakarta
ph. +62(21) 6694220, 6621658

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  • V

    That’s too bad as the tofu with mushroom looks so pretty! 😀

  • sopjagung

    The lack of garlic in their dishes is really killing the taste 🙁

  • DharmaDude

    Can any one tell me when was this restaurant open?

  • sopjagung

    @DharmaDude: Just call them. Their phone number is listed above 😀

  • foodlover

    I love to eat at Dharma Kitchen ,there have a lot type of Vegetarian food , and the Taste is Good too..

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