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October 14, 2010 | Chinese Cuisine, North Jakarta, West Jakarta

Dian Xiao Er Two months ago, we had dinner at a Chinese restaurant in the Emporium Pluit Mall named Dian Xiao Er. This is the second branch as the first branch was opened at Mall Taman Anggrek. If I’m not mistaken, the place is under the same management with Kiyadon Japanese restaurant. The interior is quite impressive. It was designed like an old china town complete with a garden, a pond, a wooden bridge, and red brick walls with dimly lit lampions hanging from the ceiling. Dian Xiao Er's Herbed Roast Duck

The restaurant specializes in duck roasted in Chinese herbs that can be ordered in small/big portions, so we ordered Angelic Herbs Roast Duck (S) 62.8K, Mongolian Spare Ribs (S) 59.8K, Sesame Chicken H Style 57K, Roast Lamb Meat Grass 78K, Braised mushroom with Chinese Wine 51.8K, Old Style Steamed Fish (S) 62.8K, Stewed Ee-Fu Mie with Shitake Mushroom 45.8K. I always love Chinese food that is cooked with herbs, so naturally, I liked their roast duck. The herb was fragrant and not as bitter as when you used too much Chinese herbs in your cooking. Their roast lamb, mongolian spare ribs & sesama chicken were also delicious, but I can’t say the same for their braised mushroom which looked and tasted unappetizing. Overall, although this place is quite pricey, we’re quite satisfied with the meal. 🙂

Dian Xiao Er

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  • Anonym

    Agree, pricey. I prefer duck king central park than dian xiao er emporium pluit. But the mongolian pork ribs is great, the best is the bak kut teh singapore.

    Fyi: the ice tea per glass is around 25k idr 😀

  • kenny

    of course if you compare between the franchisor (singapore) and the franchisee, there’s a bit difference in taste. somehow it tastes better in Singapore. But who knows, maybe because the time that I tried the TA branch it was still relatively new. As you know, it takes few months for a Chinese restaurant to train its cooks (needs skill and somehow talent).

  • belagabego

    yesterday I ate at Dian Xiao Er TA, the atmosphere is good, the design is cool, I love the VA old chinese songs, but unfortunately the taste is quite standard, Mongolian Spare Ribs is delicious, the black pepper is fully absorbed into the pork mix together and reunite to make a nice taste, but it’s not hot, something like just warm into the microwave, the tofu is cold, I dont like it, Baby Kailan with salt fish, the taste for me it’s not a good combination, Baby Kailan with garlic is much better

    agree Duck King or Din Tai Fung is much better the Dian Xiao Er

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