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September 13, 2007 | Chinese Cuisine

Enticed by a promotional banner that Sands is offering 50% off for Dimsum, we decided to try it one Sunday morning. We arrived quite early so we can still get a table without queueing. After being seated, we were given a piece of paper to order the dimsum. We found out that the discounted items was only a small selection from the list, so we ordered the discounted items plus a pot of Chinese Tea (Oolong, if I’m not mistaken). The orders seemed to take forever to show up that we have to nag the waiters several times for our order, but other higher priced items were plentiful. There are stalls serving noodle, porridge, etc on one side of the restaurant and carts moving in and around the tables. I wonder if this is a tactic to “encourage” starved guests to go for the pricier items? We ended up picking up some of them. They tasted quite delicious, but as expected, expensive. We really disliked our tea because the water tasted so weird. It was salty. For a place of Sand’s caliber, using contaminated water to brew its tea is simply unforgivable. Overall, not recommended if you’re looking for an affordable dimsum.


Later, we went downstairs (to the Carrefour’s level) to a Chinese Tea Shop called Siang Ming Tea Shop (a branch from the one at Bungur’s), They got a vast selection of quality Chinese Tea and nice Yi Xing tea pots. Bought a pack of rose tea, and had several a cup of very decent tea prepared & poured by the owner herself.

International Executive Club

Mangga Dua Square 5th Floor
Jl. Gunung Sahari No.1
ph. +62(21) 6231 3300/2888

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  • lira

    have u tried sun city dimsum? i think it is simply delicious and as for price is concern it is reasonable lah.. no too expensive unless you ordered their special baby duck… i like their dimsum..
    try their xiao long bao (it would take a long time though +/- 20 min), cheong fan (any type is ok), ceker, and pai kut.. its the best ^^

  • carrot

    yup, sun city dimsum is currently quite popular among my friends

    siang ming doesnt sell decent tea, the tea leaves are bad quality, old and sometimes not packaged correctly (in a plain plastic bag, not vacuumed). too bad, good chinese tea shop doesn’t exist in jakarta. teh enam tiga, siang ming are overpriced and bad quality. the only way up until now is to get the leaves directly from china (i get mine from guangzhou, much cheaper and you can pick which quality you want as long as you got the knowledge)

  • carrot

    btw jenz, about the salty tea. my guess is not the water that is contaminated, but sands give you pu-erh chinese tea, which has salty aftertase. last time my father (who’s a chinese tea freak) had dinner there, sands also brew some pu-erh tea for him. did you ask waiters about the “weird tea”? too bad if they can’t explain anything though, since not many people know about types of chinese tea, no wonder if there’s a misconception that salty tea is contaminated.

  • sopjagung

    @carrot: do you travel there by yourself or just ask the vendor to deliver it to your address?
    My father tolerated Siang Ming’s tea. He said they’re not the best, but it’s better than nothing. Lately however, he has been complaining that Siang Ming’s quality has gone downhill (from an already fair condition).
    So I think he need to find another supplier, fast 😀
    Please contact me: sopjagung at gmail dot com, thanks.

  • jenz

    @carrot> if I’m not mistaken, the tea served at Sand’s at that time was ‘green oolong’, I’m sure it was not ‘pu-erh’, I have tasted pu-erh (different ages) at several places , and to me it have earthy taste. I’m quite sure it was the water they use, but when we questioned the waiter about the tea taste, they said they use mineral water but I’m not really believe it. 🙂
    I had this kind of experience in several restaurants, I guess, mostly it was caused by using boiling water put in an aluminium pot, I think it can ruin the taste of the water. or maybe the water was to hot it burn the tea leaves. 🙁

  • carrot

    @jenz: haha, theoretically pu-erh should taste amd smells divine, but up until now i’ve got nothing near that, pu-erh taste salty and apek to me :p maybe sands serve the bad one (as fine quality pu-erh costs two arms and two legs), or like you said, the temperature of the water is too high, or yeah, sands simply serve you contaminated water
    @sopjagung: usually my father just go to guangzhou on his own. i’ll email you

  • chiquita

    eh eh eh..abis kelar puasa kita ngedimsum bareng yuk !
    udah lama nih gue nggak safari dimsum sama loe dan sop 😀

  • Jenz

    yuk yuk chic, masih ada eastern, lai ching, sun city, ah yat (katanya tina diskon 30%)

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