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May 9, 2011 | Kaki Lima, Medan

A lot of people often said, “You haven’t been to Medan if you haven’t tried Medan’s durian.” So, that’s what we set out to do after our dinner at Gek Lan. Even though we were quite full, the promise of durian is too hard to resist. Our host drove us to Jl. Iskandar Muda, where’s there’s a popular durian seller called Ucok. We’re quite surprised to saw a mountain of durian and the sight of people enjoying their durian on the spot. We ordered several durian to eat there. We can ask the seller to select for us durian that is sweet or slightly bitter. The price was quite affordable, plus they also offer a very good packing service if we want to take home the durian. 🙂

Durian Ucok

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  • christine

    Kemarin lusa saya baru beli durian Ucok dan dibawa ke Jakarta. Sayangnya ada durian yang asem. Btw,Jen, durian itu harus masuk kulkas ga ?

  • admin

    oyah? brapa jam di perjalanan? sebaiknya sih begitu nyampe jakarta langsung masuk kulkas/freezer

  • Christine

    OOoo pantesan.. Belinya Rabu siang, sampai jakarta Rabu malam, terus baru dimakan Kamis sore, tanpa masuk kulkas. Alhasil hampir separuhnya asem.

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