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August 21, 2014 | JAKARTA, South Jakarta, Thai & Vietnam Cuisine, With Pork

Last weekend, SC & I ventured to the Mega Kuningan area for a brunch at E & O. E & O, short for Eastern and Oriental is a collaboration between Will Meyrick (the celebrated chef behind Mama San & Sarong Bali) and the people behind Loewy & Union. We love the food served at Mama San Bali, but have been putting off going to E & O because of concerns about their smoking policy. So before we go there, SC called first and made a reservation for a table that is far away from the smoking area.


The menu consists of various Thai and Vietnamese dishes ranging from starters, salads, poultry, meat, rice, noodles and sides. Plus they also offer a wide selection of cocktails, mocktails and wine on a separate menu. So these were what we ordered that day.

Selection of Northern Thai relishes with “nam prik ong”, “nam prik goong”, “nam prik num” and crispy tempura vegetables 80K
First of all, the portion is huge. A whole basket of vegetables tempura (but I think there’s a fish tempura included) accompanied by three jars of Thai dipping sauces: nam prik ong (spicy chicken and tomato dipping sauce), nam prik goong (spicy prawn dipping) and nam prik num (eggplant and green chili dipping sauce). The tempura was fried perfectly, very crunchy. I tried the three dipping sauces and found that I like the prawn dipping sauce the most. It was very tasty and savory.

Soft shell crab salad with rose apple, shredded coconut, chili jam, Thai basil and kedondong leaves 60K
The portion was also quite large. The salad was delicious, fresh and tangy. The soft shell crab was good as well. We managed to finish eating the dish, but we begin to worry whether we can handle the upcoming main course.

Suckling Pig with Nam Prik Num, Nam Jim Jauw and Kaffir Sweet Chili Sauce 220K
For the main course, we ordered a portion of suckling pig and Hainanese rice 15K to share. The suckling pig came with 3 jars of sauces: nam prik num (grilled green chili), nam jim jauw (spicy and sour chili sauce) and kaffir sweet chili sauce, fresh vegetables, half of lemon and a small bowl of garam masala. To be honest, I can eat the suckling pork without the sauce at all. The skin was crackling and tasty while the meat was tender. The Hainanese rice was made using long grain / basmati rice which we liked.

We felt very full for hours after that. It was a delicious brunch. I think I’ll be back again some other time with our family to try their dim sum menu and, of course, their desserts.

E & O
Menara Rajawali lt.1
Jl. Dr. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung Lot#5.1
Kawasan Mega Kuningan
Jakarta 12950
ph. +62(21)576-1645

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