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May 1, 2014 | Closed, French Cuisine, JAKARTA, South Jakarta

Emilie French Restaurant has made quite a name in Jakarta’s fine dining scene and is considered one of the best French restaurants in town. I’ve been meaning to eat here for so long, but since it is expensive, we’ve been postponing it until last week. is colaborating with to hold a food festival starting from 21 April 2014 (for 28 days) with more than 100 participating restaurants. Each restaurant offers specially-priced set menus starting from 100K. I was quite excited when I browsed the website and saw Emilie listed there. So we made the reservation through Qraved for lunch and ventured to the Senopati area last Friday.


Emilie French Restaurant is located amidst so many hip restaurants on Jalan Senopati. The restaurant is not big, but have a classy and elegant atmosphere. There’s a front yard with several tables for smoking customers. As we’ve already reserved 3 courses set menu (not including drink) priced at 300K nett/pax, I only chose their Jade Oolong tea to accompany my meal. After that, the waiters served us some bread with butter, followed by amuse bouche (bite-sized hors d’œuvre) that is tomato and basil crostini, love it! After that, our appetizer arrived. It was Le Salade de Confit de Canard (Salad of Duck Confit with Seasonal Vegetables) which looked very appealing and tasted equally delightful.


For the main course we got Le Vivaneau Rouge (Seared Red Snapper “Provencale Style” with Aubergine Caviar & Tomato Pistou). The snapper was cooked perfectly with a firm texture and nicely seasoned. The aubergine caviar also tasted very good.


For dessert, we have Le Citron Vert (Fresh Lime Sorbet & Tuile). After the previous “oh so good” dishes, this one was a let down. Both SC and I agreed that the lime sorbet was too sour.


Overall it was a nice experience and we finally got to try Emilie. The service was friendly and we’re thinking of going back again for some other delectable dishes.

Emilie French Restaurant
Jl. Senopati no. 39
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta 12190

ph. +62(21) 521 3626

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  • Andy

    udah bbrp kali denger soal EMILIE ini… sori.. kalo makan normal kira2 habisnya brp ya utk 2 orang? kalo liat fotonya sih emang luar biasa napsuin….
    soalnya komentar yg gue kenal mengenai resto ini ya… MAHAL BGT….
    mau ngecek dulu, sanggup/ga…. soalnya dulu perna ada yg maksain makan di IL MARE Hotel Mulia, dah ga kenyang.. rasa ga cocok, tongpes pula…. abis dari IL MARE lanjut ke BANG MAMAT…

  • Jenz

    Mungkin bisa ngecek dulu di websitenya Emilie >>> ada harga set menu juga yg kayanya harganya cukup masuk akal.

    Biasanya sih klo mo ke resto mahal, gw ngecek dulu harga, review & smoking/nonsmoking policynya, klo perlu telpon langsung nanya. Daripada kaget pas bayar . Klo gw sama Sop sih terbiasa sharing, klo ga kenyang ya pulangnya mampir ke nasi uduk/pecel lele :))

  • Daniel Prawira

    Kalo untuk makan normal for 2 prepare to spend around 2,5 til 3 mil from apperizer to dessert with a couple glass of wine and a bottle of mineral water.

  • Leiny Siman

    Emilie is now permanently closed. Thank you

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