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September 13, 2009 | Central jakarta, JAKARTA, Japanese & Korean Cuisine, With Pork

2 Weeks ago, I went to meet SC at Plaza Indonesia and we decided to get something to eat before heading home. After deliberating for a while, we picked En Japanese Dining Bar. When we entered, the place was quite empty as it was still 5 PM. The interior has a chic minimalist style, but the lighting is a bit too dark for my taste 🙂 The restaurant serves Okinawan cuisine that is influenced quite strongly by Chinese cuisine. No wonder we found a number of Chinese dishes in the menu.

En Japanese Dining Bar

We ordered Mabou Tofu (stir fried tofu served with minced pork) 49K and Suchika (broiled pork marinated with salt and served with lemon) 55K to go with gohan (steamed rice) 12K and ocha 12K. To be honest, the mabo tofu tasted decent but not superb and I was very disappointed to find the Suchika looking like deep-fried thin slices of pork belly and tasted so salty that we might mistake it for ikan asin goreng had we not read the menu. And most of all, we felt the restaurant was too pricey. With such prices I can get a heavenly meal at Ootoya and furthermore, their genmaicha is free.

En Japanese Dining Bar
2/F Plaza Indonesia EX
ph.+62 (21) 3199 0203

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  • arisu

    restaurant ini sama (okonomiyaki) dining en di melawai sama atau beda?

  • jenz

    Kayanya sih beda. 🙂

  • Lolo

    but you didn’t try their infamous Honey Bread dessert? 🙂 seriously, I think they’ve made it ’til now only because of the dessert.

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