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February 23, 2009 | Chinese Cuisine, JAKARTA, North Jakarta

Last month we had dinner with several friends at Family Ria restaurant. The restaurant was packed with people, though luckily, our friend had already made a reservation earlier and preordered their famous Pakis Tumis. We ordered Pakis Tumis (L) 65K, Bebek Asap (smoked duck) 155K, Babi Panggang (roasted pork) 122.5K, Lindung Cah Fumak 60K, Tim Ikan Jelawat, Saklon Goreng Mentega 87.5K, Mun Hu Pio (M) 82.5K, Sop Asparagus Kepiting (crab and asparagus soup) 15K, Sop Asam Pedas (sichuan hot and sour soup) 15K, Sop Pangsit Ikan Kombinasi (L) (fish dumpling combination soup) 90K. Overall, all the dishes were delicious. I especially like the crispy frog skin and the Tumis Pakis. When we tried to order a second plate of Tumis Pakis, they informed us that the dish had already sold out.

Restaurant Famili Ria (Happy Family)
Jl. Sunter Agung Utara Blk M No.37
(across Sunter Mall) Jakarta Utara
ph. (021) 6502357, 650 5628, 650 2891, 651 2344
fx. 651 6410

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  • wawabear

    waaaaa…itu suckling pig ya? enakkk..bebek asap? mauuu…:)

  • Loraine

    Masih ada yang kurang Jen. Itu loh sup pie-oh nya. Enak banget!

  • Hanjaya

    These Indonesian Chinese food look very delicious. They make me hungry by just looking at them. Thanks

  • Elisa

    Gua cobain pakis di resto kakap sunter (yang gambarnya kepiting, rekomendasi sop), enak juga, tapi pakai terasi.

  • Teresia

    Jangan lupa ikan asem pedasnya …. siapkan dompet aja ya….

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