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April 12, 2007 | Closed, Italian Cuisine, JAKARTA, South Jakarta, Western Cuisine

We tried this new ‘fastfood’ pizza on one weekend several weeks ago, located next to beautika on Hanglekir road. in weeks day, I guess this place is full of Mustopo & Binus student 😛 They offered thin crust pizza (one size : 25cm) and serve several types of finger food such as : french fries, chicken wings, chicken tenders, mozzarella cheese sticks, garlic cheese pizza bread. They also have rootberry float, milk shakes, several types of cookies & brownies. So We ordered : “pepperoni pizza” (Fast Eddies’s pizza sauce, shredded mozzarella cheese, & 20 slices of beef pepperoni, I did count the beef 😛 ) 35,455K, “garlic cheese pizza bread” (fresh pizza dough covered with butter, olive oil & fresh garlic, sprinkled with mozzarella and parmesan cheese, baked soft yet crispy, and served with fast eddie’s pizza sauce) 13,636K. The pizza as not bad but the dough taste like biscuit (terlalu garing & gosong), the mozarella stick taste like gorengan & on contrary the dipping sauce (fast eddie’s pizza sauce) looks like they came straight from the chiller. not bad though but I still prefer olio or marzano over this place 😛

fast eddies

Fast Eddie’s Pizza & Subs
Jl. Hang Lekir I No.15
Simprug Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta
ph. +62(21) 7396530
fx. +62(21) 7269803

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  • henri setiawan

    Hai Jenz , love your website , just want to inform you that fast eddies in hang lekir already closed , ( my office is near that place )

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