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November 9, 2009 | Central jakarta, Chicken/Beef/Mutton, International Cuisine, JAKARTA, Western Cuisine

A new burger joint called Fat Burger has just opened in Plaza Indonesia Extension. It’s a franchise from the US. We went there several weeks ago and ordered their smallest set menu which includes burger (without additional egg/beef bacon), fries and soft drink. It costs us close to 60K. The taste was actually not bad as they claimed to use high quality beef for its patties. However, as it’s quite pricey, I think I still prefer the good old Burger King 🙂

Fat Burger

Fat Burger
Plaza Indonesia Extension Level 5 Unit 03-04A
ph. +62(21) 310 7540

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  • Jiewa

    60K? Ouchh.. it’s ok for a try, but ‘no’ for next visit yah 😀

  • Leony

    Hi Jen,
    I used to come here often to your web, but didn’t know why I kinda forgot it for a while, and now I’m back heheheh…(and I’ll follow your blog ya). Regarding the Fat Burger, yes, just like you, I prefer BK. I think Fat Burger is just too ordinary for them to give that price tag. Did you see how much they charged for regular fries/ o-ring ? 18,181+, make it 20k ! I don’t think it’s that great either.

  • febee

    Woowww…tampilan nya sama cocok dengan nama nya..i love burger..kudu di coba nih.

  • Daniel Prawira

    Ho oh… G jg lbh prefer BK or Mos Burger. Kl BK lbh enak pattynya lbh berasa wangi2 grill gt. Kl fat kok agak tasteless dagingnya buat g.

  • duniabiru

    taste good.. but .. really pricey…
    prefer MOS to FAT 🙂

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