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August 16, 2009 | Central jakarta, Chinese Cuisine, Closed, JAKARTA

Fat Ya
Last month, we tried a new restaurant called Fat Ya at Plaza Indonesia. It’s the newest restaurant coming from the same management that runs Duck King as well. The interior is quite interesting with duck figures on the wall that look like they’re lifted from south park cartoon. However, the place was quite noisy as there are a few large speakers about 10 meters away, blaring whatever tunes the mall DJs were playing at the moment.

Fat Ya
While waiting for our friends to arrive, we ordered Hongkong egg tart 18K and Lo Bak Kao (carrot cake) 18K with Hongkong milk tea 20K and Liang tea (Chinese herbal tea) 18K. The carrot cake was acceptable but the egg tart was surprisingly good with the right pastry texture and delicious filling. After my friends arrived, we ordered Thai mango salad 42K, Fat Ya special fried rice 52K, kwetiaw siram 52K, Indonesian oxtail soup with rice 78K, fried rice with chicken 46K. Overall, the dishes tasted good, but not something that can be labeled as “die die must try”. Their mango salad was great, but I thought it was a tad overpriced. For the desert, we ordered apple chrisanteum pudding 20K which looked and tasted delicious.

Fat Ya
Plaza Indonesia EX 4 fl. E.02
ph. +62(21) 3107571

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  • V

    Mall DJs! That’s a great term! 😀
    The rice hotpot is interesting. I love the look.

  • Reza

    Went there when hsbc were having they’re 50% off. The food was just so so. In fact the korean spicy noodles tasted like the instant ones you can buy in the supermarket.

  • herlina

    setuju, totalnya overprices,muahallll. Saya makan berempat hampir Rp 1 jete. Rasa just ok, nurut opini gw.

  • Simon Staniland

    I am a regular customer of Fat Ya and last month they have took down their prices by about 20%. I like their foods and deserts and now i like them even more because it’s more affordable !!!

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