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June 9, 2012 | Events

Several days ago, Selba and I were invited to attend Fonterra Pastry & Cooking Challenge 2012 held at Hotel Borobudur. It is an annual event created by PT. Fonterra Brands Indonesia to provide an opportunity for Indonesian chefs to develop their skills to be able to compete at the international level.

pic: from left to right Chef David Warren – Advisory Chef Fonterra Asia and the Middle East; Chef Manfred Kohlen – Senior Advisory Chef Fonterra Middle East Asia; Denny Herdian Ardiwinata, National Trade Marketing Manager Fonterra Foodservices; Agustin Muara, Director Fonterra Foodservice; Master Chef Jean Francois Arnaud, Pastry Master Chef MOF

After the conference, we were given a priviledge to see the special live coverage session, where we’re allowed to enter the gallery where the chefs are working hard at their cooking stations. There were 25 chefs competing in 3 categories: Pastry, Cooking/Hot Kitchen, Bakery/Dress the Cake Challenge. We didn’t get to see the Bakery/Dress the Cake Challenge, but the pastry and cooking challenges were so cool. All of the chefs were working hard to create perfect dishes. One thing I noticed was that there was no drama like we frequently saw in television cooking challenges. It’s all about skills, patience & hard work.

Fonterra-Pastry-Cooking-Challenge 2012-Judges

The dishes would then be judged by Chef David Warren, Chef Manfred Kohlen, Master Chef Jean Francois Arnaud with 3 anonymous judges whom I guess were media partners & food enthusiasts to judge from non-chef/customer’s point of view. In my opinion, every resulting dishes looked pretty, but in the end, everything comes down to the taste, right? One thing I noticed was that there were no Indonesian food presented by all the competing chefs. But I’m sure they will find a way to adapt local products and taste into their creations.

  • fonterra-pastry-cooking-challenge2012-01
  • fonterra-pastry-cooking-challenge2012-02
  • fonterra-pastry-cooking-challenge2012-04
  • fonterra-pastry-cooking-challenge2012-05
  • fonterra-pastry-cooking-challenge2012-06
  • fonterra-pastry-cooking-challenge2012-09

We didn’t stay until the winners announcement, but luckily the PR company informed us by email who are the winners. The winner from each category will have a chance to compete in the International Singapore Food and Hotel Asia 2014. So congratulations to the winners!

  • Pastry Challenge
    1. Sudar Pramoto, Hotel Borobudur, Jakarta
    2. Ertina Pudji Rahayu, Grand Hyatt Hotel, Jakarta
    3. I Ketut Candranata, Retreat & Spa Bali
  • Cooking/Hot Kitchen Challenge
    1. Agustono, Pullman Central Park Hotel, Jakarta
    2. Wayan Juni Ardhana, Nikko Hotel Bali
    3. Beno Wicaksana, Bvlgari Hotel Bali
  • Bakery/Dress the Cake Challenge
    1. Imron Rasidi, Hotel Borobudur, Jakarta
    2. Nano, Cizz Cake Bandung
    3. Eva Yoga Swara, Four Seasons Hotel, Jakarta

For more pictures, please check my FB page.

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