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January 12, 2007 | Singapore, With Pork

food republic

This is the (newest?) mall in Singapore designed by a Japanese Architect : Toyo Ito. Located next to Harbourfront, this place has a great view over ‘Sentosa Island’ and a friendly place for childern since they have a nice playground, a huge open space & the rooftop with several knee high pool for childen to run across :). Inside this huge mall there’s alot of shops, boutiques, rows of restaurants, later I found my self wandering alone to the top floor where there stands a very nice designed : food republic. The food republic was designed in the old chinese style, walking inside makes me feel like I’m walking in the past world, a narrow street full of interesting food to try.

The first thing I tried at this place was “Chong Pang Nasi Lemak”, offering a list of dish to pick to accompany the nasi lemak, so I took a queue and ordering nasi lemak with “ngo hiong” (yes, this is not a HALAL nasi lemak), some “sambel kacang & ikan teri” & cabbage cooked in coconut milk, all of the dish was put on top of a small tray with apiece of banana leaf, cost about $5. Overall its not bad at all, the “nasi lemak” was cooked in a right way, not sticky. the dish is good, very clean indeed, but I could not help myself to compared it to “Nasi Uduk Kebon Kacang”, still prefer ‘nasi uduk kebon kacang’ and realised how I missed Indonesian Food so much. *hiks*

After finished my ‘nasi lemak’, I wandered again and still trying to decided what i’m gonna try nect, there’s a roti prata, when I walked deeper I found a mini restaurant offering” bak kut teh” (pork rib soup), and I think I still can have another more dish, I walked in and ordered : 1 bowl of premium “bak kut teh” $7.5 and Chinese tea (shi gu feng) $3, to my pleasant surprise, they gave me an “mangkok kaleng” with a small teapot, 5 small cup and a pack of tea – turned out I have to make my own tea… wow this is so interesting, I can play ‘gong fu cha’ here :P. the ‘pork rib soup’ was decent, but I traced to much white pepper in the soup.

Overall the food in food-republic are quite acceptable, although it is quite pricey and I believe I can get the one I just had in much2 cheaper price & taste equally or more delicious. 🙂

Food Republic
VivoCity Level 3
1 Harbourfront Walk
Opening hours: 10am – 10pm (Mon – Thurs, Sun), 10am – 11pm (Fri, Sat & eve of public holidays)

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  • Herman Saksono

    Food Republic looks interesting. I like the sign. Do you have more pictures around vivocity?

  • Jenz

    yes, it’s in my multiply, you can check it at

  • nini

    hi, u r a real eater…i wish i can try all the food u upload..^_^..n i heard muara karang also have a lot of cafe, u tried before? if yes, load sum pics n comment, so i go too if have the chance.

  • NINI

    hi,..nice to see u blog..u r a really food eater…i wish i can try them all..

  • zen

    It’s a bit expensive there. makanannya gak beda sama di kopi tiam sekitar. mungkin suasananya yang punya nilai lebih. so far, yg paling enak, kayanya cakue bantal isi kacang merahnya dia deh 😀

  • loop

    Their service at their Suntec Branch are really lousy, before you can finish the food, the service staff come over & want to remove your plate. The food sold there is also so-so only.

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