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September 13, 2006 | CUISINE

senayan city food studio

We visited Senayan City again last week, to me this place are just like a big playground for my appetite 🙂 there’s mainly 2 place to enjoy good food here : lower level and the fifth level. the lower level had a wide array of choices such as : J.Co Donuts, BreadTalk, Sing sing Japanese Noodle, NanXiang & etc. and Krispy Kreme will be opening soon opposite to J.CO 😛 there’s Pizza Marzano & Starbuck on the ground level, Itazuki on the fouth level, and on the fifth level, there’s Panice (padang restaurant with sushi style), Tea Gallery (soon), Pho 2000, Sushi Tei etc. but my destination was ‘the Food Studio’

mi hotplet & co

There’s several food stall already open that night : such as tomodachi, trattoria pizza, mi hotplet, steak ?, & 1 place serving Taiwanese noodle if i’m not mistaken. that night we decided to try : mie hotplet & co, so I ordered : “black pepper steak with fried rice” (15K) while SC ordered “omelet fried rice with cheese?” (15K). both of the food tasted ok, but not superb. OK lah for foodcourt’s quality & price 😛

trattoria pizza

While having our meal, we noticed that Trattoria pizza’s stall was very crowded, and since we’re not very full yet, I decided to bought a piece of pizza there (just for testing). turned out that night they gave the pizza for free, maybe its their opening night. So they gave me 2 pieces of Pizza Margherita (tomato and mozzarella) and 2 pieces of Pizza Funghi (tomato, mozzarella and mushroom) 8K and two cups of Lipton Ice tea (9K). the pizza is square cut shape thin crust pizza, to me the taste was so so, the dough was to crispy & the topping were so simple. pizza margherita only got tomato & mozarella (no basil ), the same with “pizza funghi” 🙁 for that price (around 7-8K), I think I better go to marzano 🙂

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