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August 11, 2008 | Central jakarta, Chinese Cuisine, Dimsum, JAKARTA

Last month, we had dinner at Furama restaurant on Hayam Wuruk street. The place was very crowded, since there was a birthday party at that moment. Luckily, we managed to grab a spot as soon as we arrived. The menu was quite extensive. We ordered ayam garam crispy 46.7K, lapis kuping babi 28.8K, goreng jamur kulit tahu 28.8K, tim kaki ayam 8.8K, siew mai udang 11.8K, hakau udang 12.8K, udang goreng telur asin 58.8K, wong san cah fumak 43.8K, sapo terong furama 39.8K. Overall most of the dishes was only so so. Their dimsums were not fresh anymore, maybe they made it in the morning. I once read in Laksmi new Jakarta Good Food Guide that this place got the best udang telur asin in town, but it fell far short of the mark set by Liyen‘s signature dish. The sapo terong took ages to arrive. We had to ask several times and it finally came out after we have finished with our meals. 🙁

Jl. Hayam Wuruk No. 45
Central Jakarta 11160
ph. +62(21) 6257272
fx. +62(21) 6260163

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  • SeorangPrempuan

    Furama ini sih dlu terkenal buat tempat kawinan, jaman2 sering2nya orang2 merid di Dynasty (Pinangsia). gue cm inget night club di lt 2 :)) masi ada nga tuh night clubnya hehehe

  • Curious

    hey, tau ga yah nama laennya fumak tuh apa? gue lagi nyari nyari d internet nama laennya fumak eh ketemu blog loe…..bikin laper aja gambar gambarnya hehehe

  • little angel

    Hi all..ada yang tau ga kira2 budgetnya berapa kalo merit di furama .rencana ngundang 600 orang?

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