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August 16, 2007 | Bandung, Indian Cuisine, Western Cuisine

On a recommendation of a friend, we visited this place for dinner. At first I’m not really sure about this restaurant, because from outside it said : “Gambrinus : German Pub/Restaurant and Indian Curry Kitchen”. I don’t understand how can they sell German cuisine along with indian cuisine. But since we’re already there, we enter the place. The front section of the place is the bar with billiard table, we continue to walk through the door to inside room. the room surely was a dining room but it was empty, then we thought maybe the indian restaurant was on the second floor, so we headed upstair and found a deserted room. Confused we going downstairs again, and then we saw a waiter and asked him, we were escorted to the back side of the house where there were several wooden table. then he gave us a menu full with a long list of German cuisine & Indian cuisine.

Since we’re not very hungry, we’re not ordering their house specialty Schweinshaxe (a dish germany is famous for at least 1000gr pork knuckle marinated slow cook and prepared in frankfurt style or grilled with sauerkraut, mashed potatoes with matching mustard). While SC ordered Broccoli & chicken cream soup (puree of broccoli improved with double cream and herbs garnish with chicken) 22.5K, spagetti with fetta cheese on top (with prawn, anchovy, black olive and tomato) 39.5K , I was more into the Indian dishes, so I choose : Egg Biryani (hard boiled egg folded with red Indian curry and basmati rice with traditional indian herbs and spice) 28.5K. For dessert I want an indian dessert : Kaser Kulfi (creamy and smooth textured Indian ice cream made with fresh milk) but they we run out of stock, so we picked apple strudel. In my oppinion the pasta & biryani was ok, although not really special, I was started to think maybe we should order the Schweinshaxe (we saw on the table next to us ordering that, the portion was so big). The apple strudel was a disaster, it taken so long for them to prepared it and when it came it still cold and tasted horrible. I’m definitely sure that this come straight from the frozen food section. 🙁

German Pub/Restaurant and Indian Curry Kitchen

Jl. Prof. Drg. Surya Sumantri No. 59
Ph. +62(22) 201-2704, 2002867
Fx. +62(22) 200-2866

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  • Michelle

    Saya belum pernah nemu resto yang konsepnya ajaib gini yah, Eropa campur Asia. Eropa-nya pun Jerman pula (tapi kog ada Spaghetti ya?). Entah unik atau aneh nih!
    Di Jakarta saya pernah cobain makan di Schwabbing yang katanya Authentic German Restaurant, huh, bad experience. Pelayanannya supeeer lamaaa dan taste-nya pun so-so. (Masih lebih enak Wiener Schnitzel masakan Bokap di rumah). Udah gitu ternyata Bill-nya pun mahal juga, gak sebanding sama kualitas service & makanannya.
    Kalau restaurant India yg pernah saya coba Komala’s, sy gak doyan2 banget, ternyata Vegetarian rest. toh..pantes gak terlalu kena di lidah. ^_^
    Berkat pengalaman Jenz ini saya jadi tau, serasa makan masakan Schwabbing campur Komala’s kali yee..jadi males deh ke Gambrinus walau ditraktir juga sekalipun… 😉

  • jenz

    Schwabbing emang ngga enak & emang mahal, lagian definisi bratwurst kan kalo yang otentik tuh terbuat dari pork, beef & veal.
    Tapi kalo menurut gw sih Gambrinus layak dicoba (masakan German-nya), gw pribadi sih masih pengen balik lagi nyobain Schweinshaxe 1 kg itu + sauerkraut (sekilo itu plus tulang deh) 😀
    Kalo masakan india sih gw emang doyan (baik north indian maupun south indian) gw demen bgt sama naan, dal, raita & manggo lassinya. di jakarta sih kayanya yang layak dicoba tuh queen of tandoor. atau bisa juga nyobain all you can eat di Ganesha sanskrit. 🙂

  • Venny

    Wah.. kalo ada Schweinshaxe lo mesti cobaiin deh. Mantap! :p

  • Steve

    Jen, cobain Eastern Promise di Kemang deh (Sebelah Kem Chic), British Indian food. Emang western campur eastern, but when you think about it, India was colonized by the British so it makes sense. The pork dish they have is very good. The Indian food part is also quite nice.

    Kalo’ buat German food, gue recommend Die Stube. It’s in Kemang also, right across Eastern Promise belakangnya Brasserie. Their butcher plate is great!

  • Daniel Prawira

    Setuju ama Steve!!! Die Stube tuh enak bgt! g diajak ama kakak temen g waktu itu en nyobain the pork knuckle thingy yang kudu dipesen dr 3 jem sebelumnya…but it tastes great! the skin is so crispy en kinda tastes like babi guling bu Oka… highly reccomended deh jenz!

  • sopjagung

    Umm, Steve, Daniel, kerusakannya berapa nih Die Stube? Kalo daerah Kemang kayanya mahal ya? Lagi bokek berat sambil ngiler2 nih :))

  • Steve

    sopjagung: depending on what you order and how ‘membabi-buta’ you are (pun intended), mungkin sekitar 100-150rb per orang.

  • Alex

    you should try Bombay Tandoori.
    Jl. Dr Satrio no. 241, Karet Kuningan.
    T. 70802919.
    Not a fancy Indian resto, but it’s recommended for Indian Food lovers.

  • john

    Hi Aalex, can u pls confirm is this restaurant Tandoori in Jakarta or Bandung. Thanks!

  • Alex

    Hi John,
    This restaurant located at Jakarta, before Ambassador Mall. Right after the Karet flyover from Tanah Abang. The restaurant itself located at the second floor meanwhile there is a carpet store at the ground floor.

  • fandy

    I’m a fan of Indian dishes and found a very modest kedai india in Pasteur area, Bandung. called K99 Curry House. It serves south indian dishes, the spices are soooo thick and tasty.
    Love the reddish tandoori chicken, so meaty and soft and good. They also serve vegetarian bryani set, my vegetarian gf was so satisfied eating there. price is definitely affordable. so recommended.

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