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May 8, 2011 | Medan, Seafood, With Pork

From Roemah Kopi Wak Noer, we went to RM Gek Lan for dinner. Gek Lan was recommended by our host in Medan, as this place is popular even though it is located at Titi Kuning area, quite far from downtown Medan. When we arrived, the place was already packed with diners. Luckily our host already made a reservation and ordered via phone in advance. RM Gek Lan serves seafood with several Chinese style dishes. The place was not impressive at all, but judging from the crowd, it should be promising.

Ikan Goreng Saus Thai Gek Lan

So once we’re seated, we ordered our drinks and waited for our orders to come. We ordered a portion of ikan goreng saus thai, kepiting saos padang and samcan goreng (deep fried pork belly). Apparently, these are what most of the tables around us ordered too.

Kepiting Saos Padang Gek Lan 181

Samcan Goreng Gek Lan 181

When the dishes arrived, we quickly dug in. It was truly delicious, maybe one of the most delicious meals I had in Medan. I especially liked the fish as it was so fresh and I loved the sauce. Their samcan goreng was so crunchy. I also liked their kepiting saos padang although it was not as spicy as I hoped.

RM. Gek Lan
Jl. Berlian Sari No. 181
ph. +62 61 7877863 , 77652688

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