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October 13, 2006 | Bali, Balinese Cuisine, INDONESIAN CUISINE, Rice, With Pork

One of the restaurant we visit while in Denpasar was “Gemah Ripah”: a middle class restaurant that served Balinese cuisine such as :
the famous Babi Guling (Balinese suckling Pig), sate lilit, ayam/bebek betutu etc. located at “pertokoan Kartika Udayana”, the place interior was clean and homy, plus 2 table for “lesehan”. we ordered one of their special menu : nasi campur bali (pisah) 13.5K. the meal came with a place of steamed rice accompanied with a plate consist of babi guling, lawar, urutan, usus goreng, kulit babi guling, sate tusuk, rambak and a bowl of spicy “ares” soup. Overall it was delicious, especially the “urutan” (Balinese pork sausage). the most delicious “urutan” I’ve ever tasted 🙂

Gemah Ripah

Warung Nasi Khas Bali

Pertokoan Udayana No.9
Jl. Letda Made Putra
ph. +62(361) 254327 – 254328
Denpasar – Bali
Jl. WR. Supratman No.83C
ph. +62(361) 263728 – 242454
Denpasar – Bali

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