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February 24, 2006 | International Cuisine, JAKARTA, West Jakarta, Western Cuisine

GlosisLast Wednesday night, we had dinner at Glosis, Puri Indah Mall. This is my first time to Glosis although I already knew this restaurant back in my school days in Bandung. This restaurant was first open at jl.Gunung Agung No.8 Bandung, but now can be found in some malls at Jakarta.

So we ordered : Fresh Mushroom Soup 9.5K, Wiener Schnitzel (pan fried breaded pork loin served with fries and sauteed vegetables and glosis white sauce) 26K, Picatta Milanesse (Pan fried pork loin with mix of egg and cheese served with barbeque sauce, fries and sauteed vegetables) 32.5K and American Mix Grill (a mix of grilled tenderloin, pork loin, chicken, sausage and bacon, topped with barbeque sauce. Served with fries and sauteed vegetables) 39.5K. we can change our fries with mash potato. Nothing really special but the price was quite reasonable.

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  • laura

    next time klo ke puri indah lagi, cobain hay tien. bukan di puri indah mall-nya tp di ruko depan setelah pintu gerbang puri indah. highly recommended!

  • Indah

    Hah? Kaga special ya? Ini slh satu resto fave g. Mungkin jg krn udah kebiasaan makan di sini dgn saus yg berlimpah, kl mkn di tmpt lain yg cm dikasih mentega or mayonaise sbg saus, jd serasa ad yg kurang ; p

  • Ferry

    U could try Bandung Suki for a change. Jl. Braga No. 70 Bandung. Quite special compared to other suki outlet.

  • lidya

    jen, kyknya musti coba es duren yang ada disana. yummyyy banget….

  • fran

    Makan glosis ga pernah ketemu Yang lebih enak dari glosis cihampelas walk. Makan pork knuckle sambil ngobrol ama bosnya. Hwehwe

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