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January 31, 2011 | International Cuisine, JAKARTA, South Jakarta

This is a new eatery at Pacific Place. From the name we know that they serve various kinds of curry. So, we went inside to try it. In the menu, there are Japanese, Thai, Indonesian & Indian curry. The menu can be mixed and matched in 4 steps:

  • Choose the curry (brown, green, red, yellow and roganjosh curry)
  • Choose the spiciness (mild, medium, hot, very hot, insanely hot)
  • go!curry choose your spiciness

  • Choose the rice (long grain rice, cilantro butter rice, aromatic yellow rice
  • Choose the topping (tandoor chicken tikka, zesty cheese chicken, lamb cubes with herbs, breaded fish, mixed vegetables, chicken katsu, Australia oxtail, breaded prawns, New Zealand green shell mussels)

So I ordered Rogan josh curry (Go!Curry version of the Kashmiri classic), very hot with aromatic yellow rice and Tandoor chicken tikka 56K, while SC settled on brown curry (Japanese classic), medium spiciness with long grain rice and breaded prawn 62K. For drinks we ordered Mango cardamon lassi 28K and TWG creme caramel ice tea 26K. When I said I wanted a very hot spiciness, the waitress warned us that it was very very hot, but I insisted on ordering it. When it came, the dish looked very appetizing, the yellow rice was topped with roasted peanut. When I tasted the curry, it was indeed very hot, but I liked the spiciness and the spices in the curry and I can taste some mustard seeds in the rice. SC’s medium Japanese curry also tasted delicious. Because the owner recognized me from my facebook account, we were given a complimentary dish of dark chocolate Samosa (light pastry filled with melted dark chocolate, chopped nuts and topped with icing sugar and chocolate sauce) 29K which tasted delicious.

We went back several days later to savor more curry. This time, we ordered red curry (a homecooked recipe flavored with chopped red habanero chilis, basil and cinamon in tomato base sauce), hot with cilantro butter rice and mixed vegetables 45K for me and yellow curry (a subtle butter curry, with fresh tomato,cashews and cream), mild with aromatic yellow rice with breaded fish (premium fresh dory fillet, fried in Japanes breadcrumbs) 60K for SC. for drink we ordered pineapple lime mojito 25K and ginger ale 15K. It tasted great but I still prefer the rogan josh curry and brown japanese curry. For dessert, this time we got tiramisu affogato (two scoop of vanilla ice cream topped with ladyfingers, hot espresso, and a dollop of whipped cream and grated chocolate on top) 34K. It was delicious but we feel very very full after that 🙂

When compared to Mr. Curry, I’d say Go!Curry wins hands down. You can max out the spiciness at Mr. Curry and still feel nothing, while Go!Curry’s spices can really bite your tongue.

Pacific Place Level 4
Jl. Jend Sudirman Kav 52-53
Jakarta 12190.

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  • niyaoke

    my friend just told me about this place, and two days later you wrote a review about it 😀 (I’m your regular reader :))
    I guess it’s a must try curry place 😀
    The design is very interesting 🙂

  • renaldy

    sudah coba makan ini kemaren….

    i tried very hot green curry with lamb… and i guess it was so hot that i can no longer taste the curry itself.
    my friend ordered rogan josh, and i guess it is the best…
    the chocolate samosa was superb…
    thanks for your review jenz…

  • Andi

    Agree that rogan josh is the best curry to choose, i prefer cilantro buttered ricea, so fragrant, the aroma is very nice.
    Cheese naan and garlic naan also very unique, the cheese melts perfectly
    Good review Jen!

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