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February 27, 2006 | Beverages, Central jakarta, Events, JAKARTA

Last Weekend we attended a “Gongfu Cha Ceremony” at Siang Ming Tea Shop. Gongfu Cha Ceremony is one of several kind “tea ceremony culture” from Taiwan. It is a way of preparing tea skillfully to produce and share a satisfying cup of tea. Its different from the Chanoyu tea ceremony from Japan, it was more relaxed, encouraging all participants to speak freely with each other throughout.

Before we began. we ate some jajanan pasar ( traditional sweet cakes ) because some tea could not be taken with empty stomach. Then we gathered around the tea master, watching she began the ritual to brew a good tea : boiling fresh water in the brewing pot, rinse the teapot & cups by pouring hot water on it, adding the tea leaves & pour the boiled water to the tea cup and the transfered it to the serving cups. We tried so many kind of tea (more than 6) : Cinnamon
(black dragon tea), Long Jing (dragon well green tea), Lychee Black Tea, Pu erh (fermented black tea), Bi Luo Chun (Green Snail Spring Tea), & my fav Ku Ding Cha (a very bitter green tea with an underlying sweet taste. The bitter taste wears off after the first sip followed by a pleasant sweet undertone).

Siang Ming Tea Shop
Jl.Bungur Besar 17 no.7 B4
Gunung Sahari Kemayoran
Jakarta Pusat 10610
ph. +62(21) 4280 4436, 9128 438
fax. +62(21) 4287 5514

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  • Elisa Sutanudjaja

    Jenny .. thanks for sharing ..
    You should put Suwarni’s full figure picture. Will encourage people to drink high quality tea everyday, hehehe .. 🙂

  • Jenz

    Lis, thx juga ya udah ngadain acara yang asik, gw ga punya poto full figurenya bu Suwarni, Acel tuh yang punya 🙂

  • Cat

    Wonderful post. I’m quite interested 🙂 Thank you for sharing.

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