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August 3, 2008 | Cakes, Bread & Dessert, International Cuisine, JAKARTA, South Jakarta, Western Cuisine

After our not so lucky experience at Dijan’s, we decided to return to Gourmet Garage again. This time we’re lucky as there were several empty spots in the small parking lot. Gourmet Garage is a combination of 3 restaurants: Jbay, Hiro, Sabaa & 1 supermarket in one roof. No wonder this place is always full. We chose to sit on the first floor at Jbay. After scanning the cake & ice cream selection, we ordered Hot Chocolate Melt Pudding 39K. The service was very nice compared to Dijan’s, even though we only ordered 1 item (with no drink). About 15 minutes later our order came, a small chocolate cake accompanied by a waffle basket of vanilla ice cream + chocolate sauce. The taste was simply superb. The chocolate inside tasted like dark chocolate and it goes perfectly with the vanila ice cream & mint leaves.

Gourmet Garage

We went back several weeks later and this time, we ordered three scoops of ice cream (12K each): chocolate chip, tiramisu & banana pistachio, and also ordered their apple tart. All of it are delicious. The chocolate ice cream was bitter as dark chocolate should be and the apple tart had a nice cinnamon aroma. We will be back again for their other menus when we have time 😛

Gourmet Garage
Jl. Kemang Raya No.66
Jakarta 12720
ph. +62(21) 7190875, 719-0758
fx. +62(21) 719 7279

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  • Daniel Prawira

    They have the cheapest wagyu burger in town jenz! and tastes quite delicious as long as the chef makin it as ur request… medium rare is the best!

  • Andrian

    yup! if u want to taste wagyu then it’s the cheapest way :p
    btw..i don’t know there’s 3 restaurant in there???

  • sopjagung

    Andrian, I think it’s kinda like 3 restaurants in one roof, as their menu has 3 different lists, each bearing the restaurant’s name.

  • Daniel Prawira

    Yeah, it is consists of 3 different restaurants under one roof, never try the japanese there… the greek salad with feta cheese (if i’m not mistaken) just so so.., the fettucinni carbonara like really2 creamy, cheesy and full of bacon, u gotta eat it fast while its hot, cos when its gettin’ colder tastes kinda weird

  • arman

    I never try GG (JBay Ice cream)in Jakarta but it seems the ice cream price is higher than in Bali. In Bali JB ice cream is undoubtedly reasonable price and delicious

  • Elisa Sutanudjaja

    hari ini makan malam ama hubbie disitu 🙂 Tadinya gak ada rencana, jadi gak bawa kamera deh, hiksss …
    gua makan entree: chicken caesar salad, dan main course gua: potato cordon bleu – lucu deh kayak kroket isi mozzarella dan beef bacon plus asparagus dan sausnya balsamic vinegar ditambah kayak saus kacang gitu. Plus tentunya garnish nya pun cantik.
    Sedangkan Arie (seperti biasa kalau gak tau mau makan apa) pesan Spaghetti Bolognaise.
    Mau makan hot choco melt yang loe cobain tapi udah gak sanggup, karena kenyang banget.
    Dessertnya dibawa pulang, green tea cake dan eskrim nya dimakan di mobil.
    Benar Jen, tempatnya enaknya, pegawainya ramah2 – kita nyobain ampir semua es krim nya karena disodorin melulu ama pegawainya, hehehe, dan makanannya pun keluar cepat walaupun saat itu full house.
    Thanks buat info gourmet garage nya 🙂

  • karen

    kalo bole tau gourmet garage lokasinya disebelah gedung apa yah? dekat ga sama tamani? atau dekat sama aksara?

  • sopjagung

    @karen: Tahu restoran Shy yang fine dining (banget) nggak? Yang gedungnya kaca semua itu? Nah, Gourmet Garage tuh di seberangnya. Nggak pas di seberang sih, tapi cukup deket lah, masih di area sana juga.

  • karen

    ohh deket papilion tohh, ok2 got it. thanks yah ‘sopjagung^^

  • Daniel Prawira

    Jenz, next time u go to gourmet garage, u shld order toffee date pudding with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Its taste divine…I mean like really made u sppechless and craving for more!

  • Teddy

    I love their Passion Lover, it’s pasta with basil, green colored and very healthy cause they use olive oil. Add some mushroom and choose Linguine =D

  • audrey

    Top dessert @ gourmet garage is definetely the Toffee Dates Pudding! It’s a must! 😉 FYI: gourmet garage best time visit @ lunch time… Their set menu is awesome… Because for dinner it will be different 🙂

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