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December 13, 2013 | Chinese Cuisine, JAKARTA, North Jakarta, West Jakarta, With Pork

SC is not a fan of suki/shabu dishes, so we generally avoided restaurants serving it. But one day, I saw a friend post a picture of crispy pork knuckle served at Grandma’s Suki in her Instagram page. It looked so appetizing, and being a pork lover, I decided to try it. Grandma’s Suki has several branches, one in Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK) and Kelapa Gading. The one we went to is located at PX Pavillion West Jakarta. The place is not big, but cozy enough. Decorated in contemporary Chinese design, with an induction stove on every table.


The menu consists of several set menus, several dishes & soup selections to go with the suki dishes, Grandma’s specialties (including crispy pork knuckle and special pork belly) and desserts. So we started with picking special prime pork combo set (特等豬肩膀肉主餐) 188K with grandma’s secret recipe soup (秘方滋補湯) 28K and tom yum soup (泰式酸辣汤) 23K. Shark bone soup is also available, but I’m not going to order anything that comes from shark/endangered species. We also add in some additional dishes like stuffed mushroom (釀鮮菇) 28K, special dumpling (豬肉蝦仁餃) 25,8K, special bean curd skin (魚膠豆腐皮) 22,8K and stuffed bean curd 19,8K. We also ordered their crispy pork knuckle (脆皮豬手) 148K and special pork belly (香炸五花肉) 78K. The last one was ordered on our next visit.


The special combo set came with a plate of pork slices, assorted selection like fish glue, meat balls, stuffed bean curd, dumpling and fried bean curd skin. There was also a bowl of vegetable set consisting of some green vegetables, carrot, noodles, enoki, shitake and black fungus mushroom. The set menu also included 2 appetizer selections, steamed rice and 2 desserts (dried longan jelly and soya pudding).


The Grandma’s secret recipe soup is actually a Chinese herbal soup, which I have no problem with. The taste is subtle, not too strong. The tom yum soup were a bit too sour to my taste, on my next visit I ordered the chicken soup that was quite good. I have nothing to complain about the set menu. It was very fulfilling, big enough for four people.


I adore their crispy pork knuckle and pork belly, it has crispy crackling skin and succulent meat. It came with some kind of hoisin sauce, but I like it just as it is without have to dip it into the sauce. Price wise, I would prefer the pork belly though.



Overall, we’re very satisfied with the place, the service is friendly and most of it we didn’t have to queue to get a table. I’ll definitely recommend this place for pork lovers in Jakarta.

Grandma’s Suki
Px Pavillion @ St. Moritz # 1 – 03
Puri Indah Boulevard Block U1
CBD West Jakarta 11610
ph. +62(21) 58351247
fx. +62(21) 58351248

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  • Ivy

    I hv always always love your blog! Great shots, writings and design. 🙂

  • yulianne

    pork knuckle itu sebenarnya apa ya?
    alot gak?

  • Jenz

    @Yulianne bagian dengkul, kalau dimasak dengan baik sih ngga alot 🙂

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