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March 9, 2012 | Central Java Cuisine, INDONESIAN CUISINE, No Pork, Yogyakarta

Dapur Gudeg Pawon

From Angkringan Lek Man, we continued our journey to another eatery that only opens its door near midnight. The place is called Gudeg Pawon. Located in a quiet alley, we entered the place and walked straight into the kitchen where there was already quite a long queue. So while my friend was queuing, I secured our seats at what looked like a bale-bale or day bed. From where I was seated, I can see the traditional stove they are using to make the gudeg. It was really hot in the kitchen, even though it was raining outside.

Gudeg Pawon Yogyakarta

After getting our gudeg and rice, complete with a piece of chicken thigh, we began eating. On the first bite, I was surprised that the gudeg was not sweet, since the gudeg I know usually have a sweet taste. This one was quite different, it uses coconut milk and not that much palm sugar to color the gudeg. So it resulted in a savory style gudeg, which reminded me a little bit of rendang (though a mild tasting one). Overall, it was a unique experience to have a different kind of gudeg right in the seller’s kitchen at midnight. 🙂

Gudeg Pawon
Jl. Janturan Nomor 36-38 Warungboto

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  • Okinice

    Wow ci, pas banget.. Postingan ttg kuliner Yogya sekarang and banyak bgt rekomendasiannya.. Jodoh ga lari ke mana.. Termasuk makan-makan.. :))

    Gudeg Pawon ini patut dicoba banget kayaknya.. Sederhana namun nikmat sepertinya.. :9

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