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February 15, 2012 | Central Java Cuisine, INDONESIAN CUISINE, Yogyakarta

Gudeg Yu Djum

Back to my Yogya’s trip review. Since Yogya is a gudeg town, there are a lot of gudeg to try. One of the most famous ones is Gudeg Yu Djum, so we decided to have that for breakfast on our 2nd day in Yogya. There are several branches of Gudeg Yu Djum in town, but our driver took us to Yu Djum’s house at a small alley near UGM. When we arrived, the place was already crowded. At the terrace, there was a woman singing Javanese song accompanied by several old men playing guitar, cello and ukulele. The front area of the house has been turned into a dining area, while at the back side of the house, there are a traditional kitchen for cooking gudeg using firewoods.

Dapur Gudeg Yu Djum

We ordered two portions of nasi gudeg to share. Gudeg is a traditional Javanese dish that uses young jackfruit that is cooked for hours with lots of palm sugar & sweet soy sauce. A portion of nasi gudeg consisted of warm rice topped with gudeg, braised egg & beancurd and krecek (a dish made from cow’s skin). I have to admit that maybe this is the most authentic gudeg that I’d ever tasted. My friends seemed to enjoy it very much, but apparently, it’s too sweet for my taste. I think if you like sweet dishes, Yu Djum is the place to try in Yogya.

Gudeg Yogya Yu Djum

Gudeg Yu Djum
Karangasem Mbarek CT III/22
Jl. Kaliurang Km.4,5
Yogyakarta 55281

ph. +62 (274) 515968

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