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November 15, 2013 | Bandung, East Java Cuisine, INDONESIAN CUISINE

I’ve heard about Gudeg Yu Nap for quite some time from my fellow JalanSutra foodies, but never had the chance to try it since I rarely go to Bandung. That chance came about two months ago when we attended our friend’s wedding, and Gudeg Yu Nap was available at the wedding reception. I sampled a small portion and liked it. It was not as sweet as I had dreaded. So several days later, we managed to stop at the place before we head back to Jakarta.


Warung Yu Nap is located not far from Terusan Pasteur street. If you’re coming from Jakarta, turn right after exiting the Pasteur’s toll gate and follow the road heading to Gunung Batu area. Warung Makan Gudeg Yu Nap is a humble place, but they have a nice back terrace for dining area.


Upon entering the place, we saw the variation of dishes served there. so we placed our order first before heading to our table. Besides gudeg, there are many Central Java dishes to choose, ranging from buntil (a traditional Javanese dish made from spiced shredded coconut wrapped into a ball with cassava/papaya/yam leaves and cooked in spicy coconut milk), mangut iwak pe (smoked stingray cooked in light coconut milk), brongkos daging sapi (beef stewed in broth made with kluwak/Pangium edule, almost resembling rawon that is popular in East Java), to various desserts like pisang goreng madu, kolak pisang tanduk (banana slices cooked in palm sugar and coconut milk), candil ketan hitam (Indonesia traditional sweet dessert made from sticky rice, palm sugar and coconut milk), and jenang sruntul (sweet porridge made from sticky rice, palm sugar, and coconut milk).


We ordered a portion of gudeg komplit ayam opor to share. I can’t help myself to order some buntil talas, tahu isi (fried beancurd stuffed with various vegetable), ayam bacem (chicken braised in sweet soy sauce), dendeng ragi (braised beef slices served with lots of sauteed spiced grated coconut) and pisang goreng madu (honey-coated banana fritters) and lotis (Indonesian spicy fruit salad/rojak served with spicy palm sugar sauce) for dessert.

Gudeg Yu Nap Bandung

I like the gudeg served at Gudeg Yu Nap, it was a balance between savory and sweet. The sambal krecek (spicy braised beef skin) was also delicious, plus they also have a very hot red sambal. The buntil talas tasted so delicious, I took some home and it still tasted good the next day. SC like the banana fritters and I love the spicy and tart sweet lotis. They used slices of kweni mango skin to enhance the taste of the rojak.


Overall, we had a very fulfilling lunch, we couldn’t finish all of our orders so we decided to take home the rest. I came back again several weeks later with some friends and we also had a very enjoyable time at Gudeg Yu Nap. So If you’re going to Bandung, do stop by this place before heading back to Jakarta and you won’t be disappointed.

ps: This is not a food tasting event and although I know the owner, we paid for what we ate that day.

Warung Makan Gudeg Yu Nap
Jl. Cipta Graha Raya No.01
Gunung Batu
ph. +62(22) 6613-774

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  • Adam

    Mmm… Must try it! We’ve been meaning to for a while now but never gotten around to it. Soon for sure.

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