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July 9, 2014 | Bukit Tinggi, INDONESIAN CUISINE, West Sumatra, West Sumatra Cuisine


One of the most memorable meals I had when I went to West Sumatra last year was gulai itiak lado mudo sold at an eatery right at the foot of the beautiful Ngarai Sianok (Sianok Cliff). According to my friend who went to this place years ago, the place used to be very austere, but now they can afford to make a better place for their customer (local & tourist) to eat.


There were several plates of dishes served on the table, but the main star was of course their gulai itiak lado mudo. Gulai itiak lado mudo is West Sumatra’s specialty dish that is made from young duck meat cooked in spicy green chili sauce. It was delicious served with warm rice. The meat was succulent and tasty. The green chili sauce was generous, have very nice aroma and very spicy. Thankfully, they also serve sliced cucumber to cool it down.


Besides gulai itiak lado mudo, they also have other dishes like cancang daging, ayam lado mudo (chicken braised in green chili spicy sauce) and dendeng (West= Sumatra’s version of beef jerky). I tried the cancang daging and it tasted good too.


So far, it was the best itiak lado mudo that I had ever tasted. I haven’t seen anything like it in Jakarta. Definitely a must when you’re in Bukit Tinggi. If you want to try it but do not have time to fly to West Sumatra, don’t worry, they can do delivery, so just give them a call.

RM. Gulai Itiak Lado Mudo Ngarai
Jl. Ngarai Binuang
Bukit Tinggi
West Sumatra
ph. +62(752) 35574, +62(813)74209276

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