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March 3, 2005 | CUISINE, Kaki Lima, Malaysia

Last week I had a short trip with my Mom to Malaysia. Our first stop was at Penang Island where we order a bus ticket to Kuala Lumpur. While in Penang we visited Gurney Plaza and had lunch there. My Mom ordered a “Yong Tofu” with TomYam Soup while I wandered around the food stall, at first I want to try the duck rice but it is out of order, so I ordered Plum Chicken Rice. The tasted was not very special, I can’t wait to goto Gurney drive at night where they had much much more food selection. 🙂

That afternoon we went to Gurney Drive for dinner… there is alot of food selection there for us to choose 🙂 That night we ordered Laksa and Ais Kacang. After that I tried some Lok Lok mmmmm … yummy and bought some Sweet corn for our trip tonight. 🙂

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  • tetangga

    i love your satay pictures.. all looks delicious.. nice catch jenz

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