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August 4, 2009 | Central jakarta, International Cuisine, JAKARTA, Middle East Cuisine, Rice

Three weeks ago, we went to Hadramout for dinner. This place is famous for its middle east dishes. The interior is predictably decorated with a middle east look and the not-so-large room is separated into several cubicles. There are 2 choices of seating: on the table or on the carpet. Since there were 12 of us, we chose to sit on the carpet so we can have a more intimate communal dinner. 🙂

Hadramout menu are mainly Mandi kambing/ayam (chicken or mutton cooked in oven using special firewood) and Madhbi kambing/ayam (chicken or mutton cooked on special grill). So here is what we ordered 1/4 ekor Mandi kambing for 4-6 people (served with delicious Mandi rice, 2 bowl of mutton soup, 1 Hadramout’s salad, and coconut with yogurt salad) 88K, 1/2 ekor Mandi ayam 1-2 people (served with delicious mandi rice) 44K, meat sambosa 16.5K, cheese sambosa, musakkaa (eggplant based dish) 22K, roti maryam 11K, roti arab 4.4K, Hummus (chick pea paste) 16.5K, daun anggur (grape leaf dolma)16.5K mutabbal (eggplant/aubergine paste) 16.5K with mint tea (pot) 27.5K and kopi Arab (pot) 38K for all of us. The chicken and mutton mandi were served in large trays for us to share. It is easier to eat with our bare hands than with spoon/fork. Overall, I like the mutton mandi very much. The meat was tender (not smelly at all) and the rice was very aromatic. We also enjoyed the roti maryam that is drenched with honey before serving and roti arab to be dipped into hummus. The mint tea was also very satifying. I have never had Arabian coffee before, but it tasted just like a spice drink with a very little hint of coffee. It was a very heartwarming dinner 🙂

Hadramout Restaurant
Jl. Tambak Raya No.16A
Manggarai – Jakarta Pusat

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  • Reza

    This is definitely one of my favorite places to eat in the city. You all have to try it. Haven’t found anything like this up to now.

  • Riana

    Hey, I passed this place all the time I never had a chance to visit, although my mind was yanking all the time. So, that’s it, this is the ultimate sign. I really have to pay a visit.

  • Daniel Prawira

    Wuah…pgn nyobain deh… Jenz, mandi kambingnya 88k itu bs bnr2 buat 4-6 org? Gede ga porsinya? Harganya tmsk murah jg ya kl porsinya besar en beneran bs buat rame2. Prnah nyoba Beirut yg di sabang ga jenz? Enak jg tuh!

  • b4nch4

    ooohhh, thanks for the recommendation, i have got to try this place

  • Ario

    Maybe tonight is the perfect time 🙂 gotta pay a visit!

  • Ario

    sayang, ternyata lebaran berpengaruh ke menu. hanya ada mandi kambing dan tidak ada minuman sama sekali (hanya softdrink)….bad timing indeed. tapi jenz, daging kambingnya seharusnya tender? soalnya pas gw makan, alot tuh….

  • jenz

    wah.. sayang skali.. pas waktu gw makan empuk bgt tuh dagingnya.. mungkin waktunya kurang tepat kali.. give it a second try, or call first before you come 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Aduuuuhh aku jd pengen coba,soalnya itu makanan kesukaan ku,bnr enakkan?

  • Margie

    oh my. I have to try this one day!

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