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October 13, 2009 | Closed, Japanese & Korean Cuisine

Last month, we read on the newspaper that PX Pavilion is giving 50% discount for dining in their restaurants. Since we haven’t been to these restaurants, we decided to give it a try. However, we’ve just had our lunch so we only sampled a little in each restaurant we visited. Our first stop was Hakone Japanese Restaurant. The restaurant was quite empty when we arrived. We got a seat and began to order. We ordered sanma shioyaki (mackarel grilled with salt) 35K, gyu tan / 牛タン (grilled beef tongue) 22K, nasu / ナス (grilled eggplant) 6K, and crispy soft shell crab 33K with 3 ocha @5K to share. Overall, the dishes were great. The shioyaki was decent with quite generous portion, the gyutan and nasu also tasted good, and the price was surprisingly affordable, even without the discount 🙂

Hakone Japanese Restaurant
PX Pavilion @ The St.Moritz
Puri Indah, CBD
West Jakarta
ph. +62(21) 5835 8601

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  • Andrian

    cobain Peach Garden yg di seberangnya Hakone donk Jenz
    enak lowh…udah telor asinnya enak…chashio nya jg mayan…:)

  • Ronny

    Just had dinner there with wife. The Japanese chef was very friendly and super nice. He gave us complimentary soba after we finished our meal. And he gave us two more packs of uncooked soba (which he made himself) for us to bring home. Sushi were fresh, grilled sanma was great (what a coincidence you had the same thing), soba was excellently refreshing, the grilled gindara portion was a bit too small.

  • sopjagung

    Hi Ronny, great info! If he indeed made his own soba, I’d have to order zaru soba the next time I’m there.

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